The First 5 Changes You Need To Make In Order To Get Fit

Body Science ambassador Dan Conn shares his top tips for achieving long term success when it comes to getting fit and healthy. 

Sort out your nutrition

They say that diet is 80% of the battle when it comes to achieving your goals, and from the many discussions that I have had with clients and members, I can see that it is a source of anxiety for many people.

My rule of thumb is don’t feel pressured by others to follow a particular diet, especially if it is restrictive. By all means, use a diet as a guideline, but make your own tweaks and edits to ensure that it suits your needs, likes, goals and lifestyle. I would also suggest getting an expert to help you put something together as they can make sure that your macro and micro ratios are correct. 

I always try and eat as well as I can but I also like to make it super simple when it comes to nutrition. Even though it’s not the glamorous life of an Instagram nutrition coach, it works for me and that’s all I need!

I also make sure that I have some extra protein and antioxidants (found in fruit and veggies mainly, particularly blueberries for me as it’s my favourite food at the moment) when I train hard as recovery is often just as important as exercise itself. I usually have some additional Hydroxyburn Lean 5 on my hard training days as it also contains Dizeyme which is good for gut health and its important to keep your gut healthy!

Spend some time being active everyday

One of the most obvious tips in the book, but this is as important for your mental clarity as it is for your physique!

On the days that I don’t exercise, I find that my anxiety is higher and that is why I make it a priority. I’m not saying that you have to go hard everyday, even a walk will do. Exercise can help to boost mood, concentration, creativity and it boosts endorphins which are known to make you happier according to research.

Exercise also helps you sleep better, improve your sense of control and often your self esteem. It can also provide a good distraction from negative thoughts

Enjoy the moment

Too many of us are always thinking ahead to the next thing we have to do, the next holiday we are going to take, the next item we are going to buy.

So many of us focus on the destination and don’t enjoy the actual journey. It’s always good to stop, take a breath and see how good we’ve got it. Wherever you are today – right NOW- ask yourself what are you grateful for?


Think of your body as you would a vehicle. When the fuel runs out, you need to replenish it or your car won’t be going very far! You’re not going to be able to perform properly if you don’t spend some time recovering, furthermore, a lack of recovery time can lead to injury! Make sure you eat a good well balanced diet that is rich which leafy greens, bright coloured fruit and vegetables that are full of antioxidants and protein. Take at least one day per week to pull back from intense exercise. Have a rest day, go for a walk or a swim.

I also swear by compression and my favourite is the Body Science compression tights as they last! I wear them on recovery days and if I’m really sore sometimes I even wear them to bed

Get social

For some of us, keeping social and catching up with everyone who needs your attention can be stressful as we are all so busy and have so much going on. I’m sure having all of your work emails and marketing tools being pushed through to your phone only makes us all more busy and stressed!

Body Science’s latest ambassador Dan Conn is not only a popular fixture on the fitness + social media scenes, but more recently he has focused his sights on helping others who are battling depression + mental illness through his relationships with Lifeline, R U Ok, Collective Wellness Group and Body Science. Due to these relationships, Dan now the ability to reach over a million Aussies and his goal is now growing these brands into the BEST health franchises in each of their markets, while using them to increase mental health awareness. Something that is very close to Dan’s heart as he suffers from depression himself. Dan played in the NRL for 7 years before being forced into retirement due to a neck injury. After that he helped build up the incredibly popular F45 franchises before moving onto Collective Wellness Group.

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