What Does Namaste Mean? Australia

A yoga session general ends with savasana followed by the class putting their hands together to bow and say “namaste” but what does it really mean. 

It’s derived from the Sanskrit language, and translates as nama: bow, as: I, and te: you. Therefore it means, “bow me you” or “I bow to you”. We also know it as “the light in me recognises the light in you”.

Yoga instructors initiate “namaste” at the end of a yoga class as a symbol of gratitude and respect towards their students, and invite them to do the same to their fellow classmates.

How To

Place your hands together at the heart chakra. This increases the flow of Divine Love.

Bow forward and surrender your head to your heart. This provides humility and reiterates the namaste message.

Fun fact: In India, namaste is used as a greeting. It is also used to seek forgiveness when accepting any wrongdoing.

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