The Best Yoga Pose For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

You can’t get enough of Warrior II pose, while your BFF is obsessed with headstands. Well, there may be a reason for your strong inclination for one pose over the other (besides the fact that inversions are hard AF): your zodiac sign.

That’s right, there’s a direct link between your horoscope and the best-feeling yoga pose for you, according to Doctor Stephanie Marango, yoga teacher, and author of Your Body and the Stars. 

Different poses may tap into different parts of your, depending on what your sign dictates about your personality, struggles and needs. 

Here, she give the low-down on your yogi-best-practices, as told by the universe.


Your energy is headstrong, and while it’s great to go after what you want, it’s also crucial to have a healthy awareness of new thoughts, people, locations, and things that can help you grow.

Use the Standing Forward Fold to literally turn your worldview upside-down and see the same things in a new way.


You have an earthly energy and love to appreciate material things. But this can lead to a vicious cycle (think: working constantly to earn cash to buy the things you want). You tend to forget to enjoy the more basic things in life, like savouring a yummy meal.

Use Head & Neck Circles (rotating your head in a circle) to move your neck through its full range of motion—so that your head sees, tastes, touches, smells, and hears more than ever.


Your energy revolves around communication and having mile-a-minute ideas. You love to bring an array of fresh messages into the world.

Gemini energy is housed in your arms, forearms, and hands, so use the Side Plank Pose to strengthen and extend this area—to open yourself up to new ideas, and inspire you to communicate those thoughts in the future. (Just remember to do both sides—you are a twin, after all.)


Cancer, there are times when you want to stay in your shell, but it’s important not to get stuck there.

Use the Upward Dog Pose to help you remember to come—and stay—out in the world.


Leo, you are courageous, and are defined by feelings of love and devotion.

Since Leo is all about the heart, use the Sphinx Pose to connect to your inner lion.


Virgo, you know exactly who you are and no one will tell you otherwise. (Yes, you want to become a classical musician and you’re also obsessed with the Kardashians, what’s it to you?) You also love to set big goals for yourself that really speak to your passions.

Since you’re very centered, Plank Pose is the perfect pick to work those inner abdominal muscles. You’ll strengthen the core of your body, along with your core sense of who you are and why you’re here.


Libra’s energy represents balance. Every day, you balance your needs with the needs of others. But you need to support yourself to help you support others.

Use Boat Pose to engage your core back muscles, and build strong, internal support for healthy, ongoing balance. This way, you’ve got your own back.


Your energy is passionate, Scorpio. It supports your transitions from who you were in the past to who you are now and who you will be.

Use the Cat-Cow Pose for greater flexibility in your core, easily turning from a cat into a cow.


Sagittarius energy is visionary. You can take many directions in life, and this part of you provides a reminder to aim big.

Pigeon Pose is a great choice. This hip-opening asana will help open you up to new challenges—whether attempting that ambitious Dancer’s Pose or making a new career move.


Your energy is persistent, practical, and responsible. You take one step at a time to reach your big goals.

Practice the Warrior II Pose to engage the muscles surrounding the knees, so that you can move forward on a strong note every day.


Aquarius, you’re not about following the beaten path—you have your own thoughts about the world and how things should be. Sometimes this comes back to bite you, as you can be very stubborn and overly idealistic.

Use the Tree Pose to stabilize your connection to the ground while reaching high at the same time.


Pisces’ energy makes you very flexible, adaptable, and openminded. But sometimes, these traits can be misconstrued as flakey or spacey.

Reign your focus back in by taking a moment to get barefoot, and mindfully ground yourself to the earth. Stand in a Mountain Pose on dirt, grass, or sand, anchoring yourself into the ground.

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