Running blog: how was your weekend running?

Did anyone else venture off-road this weekend? I did the last cross-country race of the season for my club – an absolute mudbath at Lloyd Park in Croydon. Shin-deep in water and mud at times, it was not a whole lot of fun. Apart from the fantastic array of cakes afterwards, that is. The post-run bath looked remarkably like the aftermath of a muddy dog-washing a friend posted on Facebook recently. Bet the dog got a nap afterwards, though.

On Sunday I did a not-very-long long run of 13 miles (not very long considering I’m training for the London Marathon, that is). The wind is making everything feel a lot harder, though. That’s twice in a week I’ve felt like I am on the running equivalent of an endless pool: a lot of effort, but going precisely nowhere.

So, basically: weather – I’m over it.

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