Is it worth it? Epson Runsense SF-810

What is it? A GPS sports watch, like the ones your actual runner friends own, but made by that printer company.

How much does it cost? About £200.

What does it promise? A watch that records your speed, location, stride length and heart rate (using a sensor on your wrist). The theory is that by logging all this data on a regular basis, you’ll eventually become a better runner.

What’s it actually like? If you’re anything like me, setting up the watch for the first time will destroy your mind. The instruction manual is roughly the size of the last three Harry Potter books combined, and you’ll find yourself dumbly scrolling through endless options for what seems like an eternity.

Once it’s done, though, the watch is great. It works equally well whether you’re outside or on a treadmill. The native app that accompanies the Runsense is bare-boned and a little ugly, but it’s compatible with RunKeeper, which improves things greatly. On the whole, it’s sturdy, intuitive (eventually) and it gave me an insight into how I run. (Spoiler: I run like a tubby drunkard being chased by a wasp.)

Best and worst bits It’s easily the most comfortable sports watch I’ve ever worn. But I’m still not completely convinced of the accuracy of wrist-located heart rate sensors, because either the sensor was screwy or I sporadically assume the resting heart rate of an exhausted hamster.

Is it worth it? GPS running watches range in price from £75 to £350, so this is middling to high-end. It worked for me, but there are sleeker ones on the market.

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