Running blog: how was your weekend running?

I was one of 13,000 people who decided to spend a lovely August weekend swimming, cycling and running around London’s Docklands instead of sitting in the park with an ice-cream or cold beer. It was the London Triathlon, the world’s largest triathlon and a fun race with a brilliant atmosphere.

My midday start time meant I got to sweat it out amid the hottest part of the day. The swim passed with only a few elbows to the head and the cycle was flat and fast. But as I started the 10k run, I felt as if my legs were made of jelly and were no longer part of my body. The huge support on the course kept me going till I felt (almost) human again, though.

There are plenty of distractions on the course, especially if you are a plane spotter – it’s overlooked by City Airport. The Scope charity band added to the party atmosphere and the run passed by fairly quickly.

The course was three loops and while many people don’t like that, I actually prefer laps as I find it easier to pace myself, running being my least favourite discipline in triathlon. By the time I ran up the hill (now a mountain) into the final straight I was almost disappointed it was over! Though it was now quite definitely time for that cold beer.

How was your weekend running? Were you racing or taking part in a triathlon? As always, share your stories below the line.

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