Model Stefan Pollmann reveals how he achieved tremendous Fitness

That Models like Stefan Pollmann dream dimensions, it is no secret – but all of your work-mediation of capital. No matter whether it is female or male Models. And even if our birth mitgegebenes genetic material plays an important role, including lifestyle, diet and our Fitness will determine the Level of the circumference of the body.

One who leaves nothing to chance when it comes to his stature, is a Model and Influencer, Stefan Pollmann. As a teenager, he wanted to be a footballer. But when it didn’t work with the professional career, he has opted for Modeling.

The constant in his life: A great awareness for the Sport and what is the influence of Fitness on our body. We have spoken with Stefan Pollmann about his passion, the Science-based Work-out, about nutrition and why he would bow to the knee not want to miss.

GQ: How did you come to Science-based Work-out?

Stefan Pollmann: As a ten year old I wanted to be a better soccer player – was strength training is necessary. So I logged on directly to the gym. Later, dumbbell, and then came a long to be paid to me by my parents at Christmas. I trained every day, but muscle is technically not much happens.


Exactly the question I have asked myself also. I have to look at started to read and me YouTube Videos related to the topic and quickly found out: more is not always better. It is not actually useful to train every muscle every day, full pot. And only with the right diet you will reach a toned body. Because: You need a calorie surplus to build muscle. private Model and Influencer, Stefan Pollmann leaves nothing to chance. For his six pack, he relies on the right nutrition and Science-based Work-out. In this Interview, he explains what to look for.

What is the basic idea of Science-based Work-out is?

It is the first of what I would like to individually: I Want to build muscle? Or that I have muscles and would just like to be defined? Many have this belief, you may fat to convert into muscles – but I can’t.

How to build the best muscles?

Crucial for the muscle building a certain caloric surplus is. This is a very simple calculation: With a little bit of movement each has, on average, a turnover of about 2000 calories. You want to build muscle you need a Surplus as a fuel. You want to define muscles, you need a deficit. Both has a side effect: When a surplus in Calories and fat comes of course, at a deficit you will lose muscle mass. This needs to be factored in.

The goal of muscle building is how can I make my Work-out as effectively as possible?

Here it is the accumulated volume. What does this mean? This means that the load must be gradually but continuously increased. If you route, always the same always the same time jogs, then the muscle grows first, to a certain degree and then stop. It must, therefore, always be increased, so the muscle continues to grow. And the best way to do with complex Exercises such as bench press, deadlifts or squats.

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And why don’t more is more?

There is a principle of super-compensation, it is also available in endurance sports. So you have a certain compensation Level. What many do not know: The muscle does not grow during Training, but in the recovery phase! Our muscle mass has a specific output level during the training down a bit and after the regeneration phase, it rises slightly above the initial level. And that’s the point, to the best of the new stimulus is set – not in front of it. The harder you train, the longer the recovery is, of course, phase.

When exactly that time is?

That depends on how many sets you do per muscle or if you make lots of complex exercises and you will have a very different stress on the Central nervous system. The exhausted body more and more.

There is a rule of thumb, how often should you train?

On average, two to three training sessions per week are appropriate. Wherein you should always not to be crass, but rather more often to train.

What’s your training plan?

I’m trying to get four to five units a week. For me the pure strength training is, I’m not a Cardio Fan. I’ll take a set of complex Exercises my heart rate up. I run sometimes for Training or take the wheel. Cardio is for muscle building is not necessary, but good For the health of it makes sense. I recommend all of the short HIIT – units that have no desire for long endurance training.

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What is the significance of the diet?

It is underestimated by many, the diet controls everything. Of course, there are different muscle fibers (keyword "fast and slow twitching"), but in the end, you can put with all the growth stimulus, if the diet fits.

What to pay attention to in diet?

You need a calorie surplus of 200-500, if you want to set up the same in the deficit. Proteins play in muscle building, of course, an important role, you will have to make up 1.8 to 2.2 grams per body weight. (For more on animal and plant proteins, you can read here), amino acids are important building blocks and should be balanced. (All about amino acids and whether they for losing weight own, read it here) in Short: A varied diet with lots of vegetables, Protein and carbohydrates. And please, never underestimate how important water is – so that everything is transported better and is better on the muscle. I drink four to five litres a day.

What would be an ideal regeneration phase?

Professional athletes sleep, for example, very much and try to avoid Stress. The most Important thing is: There is not just one way. I have discovered for me is that alternating upper and lower body training is best for me. I’m going through mostly the same Routine. That is to say, on a day I train the upper body, then I let him regenerate, and the lower part of the body is the next day. In the case of complex Exercises, you have Overlap, but it is ok, because the focus is on another muscle.

You stretch before or after Training?

I do a lot of Mobility Training, so-called dynamic Stretching. Prior to every Training session I work with Black Rolls and knead the fascia, 15 to 20 minutes. That’s 20 to 30 percent of my training from.

Do you have a favorite exercise?

Not directly. But the knee I think bow good, because it is complex and the mobility of promotes. Deadlift and Military Press is also very effective. But if you only focus on one Exercise, then there is no optimal results. It depends on the Mix.

Your Fitness Tip?

Continuity. Stay tuned and keep it going. Then a little piece of you will always be better.

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