Insulation due to Corona: astronauts give tips against the bearing Koller

The Need to say to make a literal virtue, and remain positive: The rates dieEinsamkeit used by astronauts to their fellow humans in the face of the Corona-crisis.

The Frenchman Jean-François Clervoy told in a video unlock of the Initiative Asteroid Day and the European space Agency (Esa), that he and his wife wanted to use their time during the output restriction to tidy up the house.

For the German Astronaut Alexander Gerst depends on a lot of the basic setting: “It is very important in such times that we look positively forward.”

The exception situation to survive together

Finally, you work internationally, help each other, said Gerst. You could see it as a Chance to survive an unprecedented Situation such as the current together – this could win.

The people could now look about in ten years. You will perhaps say: “We have made the Best of it, we helped each other.”

Gerst stressed in his home office, there are quite a very effective means to contain the disease: to stay at home. So you have a piece of control over the Situation.

This is also for Gersts British colleague, Tim Peake is very important: On the ISS, his everyday life was at first completely foreign to you. Sleep, eat, work, and sports had been planned by rigid.

However, with time the employees have not loosened up in the Outpost of humanity, the strict rules and a bit of freedom back.

“It is very important that people feel that they are in the position of being able to somewhat control it,” said the Briton, who was a 2013 on the ISS.

This is now also in derCoronavirus crisis is important, said Peake: “I think that people can take to heart really, and a positive attitude in this new environment.”

On changeable things in focus

Also switching former Esa Astronaut Thomas Reiter said it was also important to focus on the things that could change – and with the Invariable accept.

For a time in quarantine, he gave the tip to follow routines, to live from day to day.

The Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti called for, to remember those who have less space and comfort.

“It makes a big difference whether you have a large house or if you have a family with several children in a small apartment without a balcony,” she said. These people are now probably the most under Stress.

Esa-chief Jan Wörner and explained to her that the pandemic is All visible: For example, you have to shots the queues in front of the Coronavirus investigation and the traffic jams at the borders looked.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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