In the long term 8 reasons for not losing weight: why a Low-Carb diet works

No matter whether the carbohydrates are reduced to only moderate or they can be almost removed completely radically from the dining plan to lose weight, many people on a Low-Carb diet.

But not always this diet brings the hoped-for result. And if the Kilos do not want to tumble in spite of Diet easy, it can de-motivate quickly.

It must therefore be put equal to the head in the Sand. The following eight small mistakes can prevent weight loss success, but also quickly out of the way.

1. Not enough consequence

If during the diet is a weight-loss sets Plateau, this could be due to the fact that the Carbs are not painted consistently enough from the dining plan.

In this case, it may help to be more careful to replace the carbs with healthy fats and proteins.

If, for example, within a ketogenic diet is the so-called ketosis achieved, must be meticulously paid attention to the carbohydrate intake.

To keep the Overview, it can help even in this case, to track the macro-nutrients.

2. The meals are not balanced

Even if it reads “Low Carb diet”, this Diet is not to the Omission of carbohydrates at any price.

In order to effectively and, above all, healthy weight loss, in particular, should be fresh and well-balanced meals on the dining plan.

There are also a number of Low Carb Snacks and ready meals – fresh and unprocessed foods have a higher nutrient and in the best case, come off completely without flavor enhancers or preservatives.

Carbohydrate-rich foods can be replaced by the following foods:

  • a lot of colorful vegetables
  • Lean meat and fish
  • Skimmed quark, grainy cream cheese
  • Eggs
  • healthy Oils like olive oil
  • Avocados
  • Nuts

Reducing Carbs and fat is not a good idea by the way – thus the feeling of Hunger would determine the day.

3. There are too many calories are taken

Even if to turn on a Low-Carb diet all the carbs seems to be, should not be left to the calories out.

Because, ultimately, the calorie deficit determines whether the body fat is gone or not.

If, in spite of the strict carbohydrates waiver does nothing, should be thrown, a closer look at the calorie intake and in case of doubt, the energy consumption will be a little reduced.

Since everyone’s body is different, there is no fast formula. The daily calories by up to 500 – never under 1200 calories total balance sheet, of the day reduce, however, should help in the long term and healthy weight loss.

4. Food will be incorrectly estimated

Nuts contain many healthy fats and are full in addition, only Protein. However, they provide the body with a significant amount of calories.

Particularly tricky: on The snacking you do not notice often, how many of you have actually plastered.

The small force packages should therefore be regularly on the dining plan, but only in the right manageable portions.

Similarly, healthy foods can be a Low-Carb diet, however a hindrance.

Honey or agave syrup are better for the body than refined sugar, however, can prevent ketosis easily.

5. The Carb waiver is to be long and intense

A strict diet can quickly achieve the opposite effect. The body, too long denied an essential nutrient, the switch in the “power saving mode” and the metabolism changed significantly.

In this case, it may help to eat a few weeks of “normal”, without, at this time the body fat percentage reduce.

Instead of the weight reduction of the focus can be placed in this time on muscle building, which can support the weight loss process noticeable,.

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6. Stress blocked the decrease in the success

In addition to the eating and Fitness habits, other components affect the physical. The mental state can also have an impact on the weight loss success.

Internal Stress puts the body permanently under power and increases the production of the stress hormone Cortisol.

A permanently elevated cortisol level has a negative impact on the physical well-being, increases Hunger and cravings for unhealthy food.

Therefore, The emergence of the everyday stress through mechanisms to cope. Meditations, breathing exercises, Journaling or Yoga can wonderfully help.

7. Insufficient Sleep

Similar to with the Stress, it behaves also with the sleep: too little sleep causes an increased production of Cortisol and imbalances in the Balance of the hormones Ghrelin (hunger hormone) and Leptin (satiety hormone). The consequence of this is that the slimming process will be significantly slowed down.

So lack of sleep can even contribute to weight gain. This is done firstly by the fact that the feeling of Hunger intensified.

On the other, many people are missing in the case of fatigue, the incentive for sports or a healthy, balanced diet.

The sleep quality can be improved with a few simple Tricks:

  • The bedroom is really dim and light sources to remove
  • Cool room temperature (around 18 degrees Celcius)
  • No caffeine after 14 PM
  • No alcohol or physical exertion (Sport) a few hours before going to Sleep
  • Before going to bed, no screens, but prefer a more relaxing activity such as reading
  • Try to go every day at the same time to bed

8. There is no sports program

Regular exercise not only do the body good. Also the mental health benefits greatly from the movement, by the luck hormones are released and Stress is reduced.

In order to support the body with the Fitness program the best possible, care should be taken in a balanced movement of units.

A mixture of Cardio and strength training, for example, is a very effective combination. Because the muscle building is also burned in the periods of rest more energy.

However, everyone should find out for yourself, which sports a. In the foreground are always fun because then the Motivation comes almost by itself.

Cornelia Bertram

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