In spite of open Studios: a majority of Training in the Gym is skeptical of

After they were closed for several weeks, is now open for the vast majority of fitness studios under strict conditions again.

In particular, the strength athletes should be pleased actually: Finally back on the heavy Weights instead of HIIT and Bodyweight Workouts in your own four walls.

Caution or anticipation?

But there actually is a rush of fitness enthusiasts who can’t wait back to return to the Gym?

A Civey survey, in cooperation with FIT FOR FUN shows, where Amateur athletes are pulling your workout program in the next few weeks, more by.

In the survey, a total of 2.871 persons took part in the investigation period from the 25.05.2020 to 02.06.2020, the members in a fitness Studio or sports club.

Many still want to back to the Gym

The conditions under which the Gyms back doors are allowed to open are strictly: devices are partially blocked, the number of visitors is limited and thorough Disinfection is required.

However, many people seem to be able to not with the thought of friends, to sweat crowded with other people in a closed room.

43 percent of the respondents claimed to train continue to home. The approximately 23 percent compared to just once, which will clearly go in your Gym.

Generally speaking, the Situation seems to be unsettling to continue. After all, 15 percent said to be going to the gym not sure yet.

Older people return, rather

For the younger sports enthusiasts seem to want the benefits of Home Workouts, continue to enjoy: 53.6 percent, more than half were still at home to train.

Amazing: the Older persons over 50 years would return according to the survey, more to the Gym than the younger generations.

Just 40 percent want to continue to operate the home Sport, while 35 percent go to work-out back to the Studio.

At least the 40-to 49-want to-year-old the potential risk of contagion in the Gym expose – only 27 per cent go again in the foreseeable future for the sport-top to the Studio.

Fitness studios especially in demand in the city again

While between the sexes is not a really remarkable difference is observed, show the survey results clearly that it is mainly the people in the cities move back in the gym.

Almost every Second person (49 per cent) admitted to going to the Gym. Only 29.6 per cent will also continue to sweat at home.

For comparison: In the regions with the lowest population, only one in four would like to density back to the Studio. 38.7 percent remain, however, continue to Home Workouts true.

Almost a third stated here, however, is also to be not sure. Despite stringent conditions, the Situation seems to many people to be continue to delicate.

Cornelia Bertram

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