How was your weekend running?

Does anyone else have little daydreams as they run? I haven’t done many long runs recently, and am feeling the effort, so yesterday I was attempting to distract myself by indulging in little flights of fancy. You know the sort of thing: imagining this was the last mile of a marathon in which I was smashing my PB. Pretending I was about to triumphantly cross the finish line. Pretending Donald Trump isn’t now the leader of the free world. Wishful thinking …

Or maybe that’s just me? Certainly, when you get thoroughly absorbed in a train of thought, a half mile can pass in a blink of an eye – then snap back to reality and every minute seems to last about an hour.

Mind you, I do have my excuses lined up. Two track sessions in two days – there’s a reason you aren’t supposed to do that – on Friday and Saturday didn’t exactly leave me with fresh legs. But – and this is the big one – I’d also just paced my five year old to yet another PB at junior parkrun. Pretty sure that final 200m sprint was what finished me off, right? (As an aside, it also occurred to me that while I’ve not even managed 10 ‘adult’ parkruns, I’m pretty sure I’ve now done 25 or so junior ones. Can I get a T-shirt for that?)

So, share with me your finest daydreams, whether it’s pipping Mo Farah to the post in the Olympic 10k, or running down a beach to the Chariots of Fire theme tune. No need to be embarrassed here.

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