Expert explained: So a pair of glasses to protect blue light filter for the eyes

Blue light not only comes in a natural UV-radiation, but is also radiated in an artificial Form of Displays or screens.

Especially when you spend in work and in leisure time a lot of time in front of the PC or the Smartphone, is a pair of glasses that filters out the blue light makes sense.

Giovanni Di Noto is opticians and hearing care professional master and owner of vonDi Noto audiology | ophthalmology | cosmetic in Bückeburg and Bad Eilsen.

As a senior master of the state Guild of opticians and optometrists in lower Saxony and Bremen, he is committed to the very good loss of supply in Germany, more ensure.

In an Interview with FIT FOR FUN he is, what blue light is, actually, explains why it damages the eye, and why a pair of glasses with blue light filter for even for people without visual impairment is not suitable.

Dear Mr. di Noto, thank you for taking the time for us. What blue light is, anyway?

Giovanni Di Noto: Blue(violet) light is part of the short-wavelength spectrum of visible light.

It is not only in natural UV radiation, i.e. the sun light, but is light in artificial Form, especially of the LED sources, Displays and screens radiated

Why is blue light harmful for the eyes?

Di Noto: so far, There are no long-term studies, however, assume that the photo receptors in the retina of the eye damages and, thus, to serious diseases such as macular degeneration and a concomitant irreversible loss of sharp vision can lead.

In addition to unknown long-term damage by blue light, this causes the so-called Sehstress, which is also often referred to as “Office Eye syndrome”.

This manifests itself by dry or burning eyes, foreign body sensation in eye, headache, and impaired concentration.

How can protect a pair of glasses with blue-light filter in front of it?

Di Noto: lenses with blue light filter, absorbing certain wavelengths in the blue-violet range. However, not all of the blue light spectrum, since, for example, a turquoise-blue light, a positive influence on the biorhythm can have.

Especially in the office and screen-based work they provide for fatigue-free.

In addition, the glasses have other functions. They make it easier in the case of presbyopia, for example, the view on the screen.

Light blue filter glasses tinted?

Di Noto: In the rule have lenses with UV – or blue light filter no tint. The tint in sunglasses provides also for the UV protection, but prevents glare due to bright sunlight.

The UV Filter is invisible, and can also be used in ordinary, transparent glass. Yellow tinted glasses as they are often offered for car drivers or athletes in the Internet, is rather not recommended.

When or for whom glasses with blue-light filters are useful?

Di Noto: glasses with a simple blue light filter are fully suitable for everyday use, even on the road. Especially they are suitable if you spend a lot of time on screens and Displays in the profession, but also in the leisure time.

It is suitable also for people without a visual impairment?

Di Noto: Even for people without refractive blue light filtering glasses is recommended. You should consult in this case but not necessarily in the case of an optometrist and accordingly, glasses without prescription lenses made.

Especially before bedtime, many throw again a look to the phone. Can have a blue light filter glasses also have a positive effect on sleep patterns?

Di Noto: Because the sleep behavior to improve, when to Smartphones or Tablets, a certain Filter is activated, it is possible that the Wearing of a blue light filter glasses for screen work, especially in the evening, the sleep behaviors improved.

The logic is: The more relaxed and enjoyable my day was, the better and deeper I go into sleep mode. I would answer the question with a Yes.

Anna Lena Lüthje

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