Corona-crisis: medicines supply is currently secured

In spite of hoarding and occasional supply bottlenecks need to make people in Germany currently, there is no Worry about the drugs supply.

“There is no supply,” said a spokesman for the Federal Institute for drugs and medical devices (BfArM).

“No Patient is in pain, goes out without any painkillers from the pharmacy.” Although the Corona-crisis is over do not go unnoticed by the production of drugs, there is no reason to panic, it said.

“At the moment there is no reason to Worry, that it is worse than before medication,” said the spokesman for the Federal Union of German associations of Pharmacists, of Pure core.

As in the current pandemic, there have been in the past few years, from time to time bottlenecks – for example, in the case of antidepressants, blood pressure-lowering blockers, agents, or gastric acid.

The impact of the current pandemic and the extent to which manufacturers of medicinal products, for example in India or China are concerned, it is not possible to estimate yet, said Kern.

In part, it had come to production settings. “There are, however, acutely definitely no reason to panic.” You must, however, be vigilant and shortage of supply concerns, as a delayed result of the pandemic.

Coronavirus only occasionally for bottlenecks

“The production of medicinal products is in most companies – and thus patient care – backed up first”, it is also called by the Federal Association of pharmaceutical manufacturers (BAH).

It is, however, how long the current Situation to stop, said a spokesman. For a certain period of time, the companies were confident of being able to maintain production. Occasionally, over the current supply shortages would be reported.

These shortages were due, in individual cases, the interrupted supply chains due to border closures, or other measures.

But also the hamster purchases of certain medicines, such as medicines with the active ingredient Paracetamol, have led to the shortages.

Hamster purchases on medications

Core reported from a short-term substantial influx in pharmacies in March, some of the pharmacies spoke of a doubling of the customer. Now I have calmed down the Situation, but again, the hamster purchases had fallen.

Approximately 103,000 authorised medicinal products in Germany. The BfArM currently has nearly 380 of scarce resources – in November, there were still 290. This is according to a statement by a speaker but definitely not drugs, the lack of goods, but of individual funds.

It drugs about other companies or in any other dosage form would be still but with the same active ingredient available.

As the BAH, the BfArM deplores the stockpiling of medications by patients but also by pharmacists and large consumers.

Due to the current pandemic, hoarding, had not asked the BfArM pharmaceutical companies and the wholesale market, to deliver drugs via the normal demand is about to pharmacies.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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