Corona-crisis: Coronavirus underestimated? Younger in intensive care unit

On the intensive care units in Germany, more and more, young are treated with the Coronavirus-infected patients.

This was seen in Italy, and “this is a picture that also emerges in Germany,” says Schwabing district, the chief doctor Clemens Wendtner from the clinic for infectious diseases in the Munich clinic.

“The recent symptomatic Covid-19-patients were at the beginning of 20 years old. Overall, we see the whole demographic age range, no matter whether you are on a normal ward or intensive care unit.”

Wendtner had dealt with in the Schwabing clinic in the end of January already, the first with the Sars-CoV-2-Virus-infected patients in Germany.

“A young Patient is not immune to this either, to have a severe course,” warns the doctors. “This is a Wake-up call that you keep to the hygiene rules and regulations.”

The danger posed by the novel Coronavirus had initially been underestimated by the policy, as well as of the science, admitted the physician.

WHO calls for solidarity in the Corona-crisis

The world health organization (WHO) appealed to young people to keep during the Corona-crisis to the stringent output restrictions.

“I have a message for young people”, had the WHO Director General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on Friday said in Geneva. “You’re not invincible.”

The biggest danger with the Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 to infect and to develop the lung disease Covid-19 was for older people.

“But it’s not over to the boy,” said Tedros. “This Virus can also mean a week long hospital stay, or it can kill you.”

All the people need to stand together, across borders and generations. “Solidarity, solidarity, solidarity,” said Tedros.

A danger of currently undetected cases, and the dark figure is on the rise. Wendtner is assumed that, in Italy, ten Times as many people infected as officially reported.

Thus, the high mortality rate of well over five per cent declare themselves. In Germany, already five times more people could be infected as a registered.

In this country the mortality is still considerably less than one percent. The mortality rate could rise similar to that in other countries you still need.

Hospitals are preparing to Corona wave front

Nevertheless, the infection Loge remained confident that the German health system can cope with the crisis.

“We don’t do everything, so that we can get in Germany conditions such as we now see it in Italy. We have a certain amount of time ahead of the Italian colleagues.”

It is about two weeks, which would now be used to define pandemic zones and device upgrade memberships as well as staff. Because patient numbers are increasing.

“The wave is more or less in Anschwappen,” said Wendtner. “We prepare for this scenario.”

Also, in particular, generally healthy patients with compromised lungs, such that long-term smokers and asthma patients to be at risk in addition to the Elderly and the sick, the doctor explained.

But also diabetics and people with high blood pressure are affected, as this is also important organs such as the lung would be less well catered for.

Simulations, and epidemiological models suggest that the effects of the School and store closures grip for at least three weeks, said Wendtner. An end to the crisis is hardly predictable.

“How long the activity will last, this can currently tell no one serious before.” However, he does not think that a period of several months until late summer to be realistic.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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