Caution, Men! When testosterone deficiency the Problem is and what can help

Tired, listless and irritable? Not always the Stress at work to blame. Also, a lack of testosterone can trigger such symptoms. He occurs in particular in the so-called menopause in men.

“The hormonal changes in a man does not get as much attention as they actually deserve”, says private lecturer Dr. Tobias Jäger. He is a urologist and andrologist, and the Executive Board of the German society for men and health.

When these changes occur is different. On average, the production of testosterone decreases after the age of 40 years in men. In General, it decreases from then on, each year by one to two percent.

“If a man was previously healthy, this effect will not,” says the expert. But: If the testosterone level was already very high, or very quickly drops, it can lead to a noticeable deficiency – sometimes, even in younger men.

A testosterone deficiency can cause a variety of symptoms

This can result in various symptoms, including fatigue and sleep disturbances, but also erectile dysfunction, sweating and concentration difficulties.

“It is not just a state of mind disorders,” says hunter. Testosterone affects the entire metabolism: it Has a defect, unchanged in the entire body.

Testosterone deficiency can increase, for example, encourage men to grow faster, your blood fat levels and a diabetic metabolic situation is formed. Also the risk for osteoporosis and hence for fractures increases.

In addition, muscles are being broken down and so decreases the force. In addition, the sexual desire often suffers and it can lead to anemia and a weakened immune system.

Not infrequently, men can be due to a Burn-out treat

Many men can be with such symptoms because of Burn-Outs treat. “I can very well imagine that some, in fact, a testosterone deficiency,” says hunter. Then, however, treatments and psychotherapeutic treatment do not help in a sustainable way.

During the menopause in women, a Phase in which the body is surrounded, and after the reproduction-enabled time, a new equilibrium is found, are the so-called menopause in men, a progressive process – is a testosterone deficiency does not compensate for the time, but is continuing.

“This is increasing at the same time, the effect of Estrogen in the male body,” says the expert. The hormone plays otherwise, in men, is hardly a role, but it can cause a testosterone deficiency that the mammary gland is increased, while at the same time, the hair sprouting slowly.

A testosterone deficiency is very easy to diagnose

Anyone who feels permanently tired and listless, is doing well on it, a testosterone deficiency, to exclude, before it assumes a Burn-Out, says hunter. A deficiency can be very easy to diagnose: “it is necessary To remove only early in the morning, the blood,” says hunter.

A deficiency in the hormone replacement is a health insurance performance. “What is important is that testosterone is losing its reputation as a Lifestyle-hormone, as it has a decisive impact on the metabolism,” says andrologist.

Testosterone to be supplied, there are two ways to do this. The body can absorb through the skin. For this purpose, a plaster or a cream men wear a Gel on the skin. “This is first of all a convenient solution,” says hunter.

However, it will creams many men quite tedious, daily. “In addition, one must be careful, if you take, for example, his children on the Arm,” says hunter: The cream is supposed to act, finally, only one self.

In the case of Obesity, a vicious circle can occur

Another option is testosterone a depot syringe to administer. This works for up to three months. “In my experience, land 70 to 75 percent of men at the end of the syringe,” says hunter.

In most cases, a testosterone deficiency life – and thus also the administration of testosterone is not permanently necessary. But there are exceptions.

“When someone is severely overweight, it can also lead to a testosterone deficiency,” says the expert. The belly fat converts more testosterone into Estrogen, and at the same time, is actually testosterone, this fat reducing. Thus, a vicious circle can arise.

Not everyone measured testosterone deficiency must also be treated

“In such a case, treatment with testosterone can serve as an impetus,” says hunter. Concerned receive six to twelve months of testosterone during sports and reduce your weight.

“Particularly important is the muscle training is,” says the expert. These men and build at the same time, muscles, normal, often, the level of testosterone.

Studies show, according to hunter, that about 15 percent of men have low testosterone levels. “This is not to say, however, that 15 percent of men require a hormone replacement therapy,” says hunter.

This is only useful if men are suffering at the same time, under complaints, or other risk factors, such as, for example, increased blood fat values.

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