10 Tricks that make you fitter and more attractive

Already small Changes in everyday life appear on the face, the body and the brain. This News and tips come fresh from the Stockholm “Beauty through Science”conference:

The coffee flavor

Too much sugar does to the body, but also for the skin. Especially fructose and glucose react with proteins in the body and the supporting tissue made up of collagen and Elastin. Means that The skin is faster limp. For the same effect also deep-fried food, by the way. Tip for coffee drinkers: instead of sugars with cinnamon spice. This pushes the cholesterol level and boosts the brain power!

Action movies

Chases increase the testosterone level! Sad fact is: to Reach men in the 45 – or fat belly, it often leads to a deficiency of the male hormone, which ensures strength and Libido. Parallel to this decline of the Cortisol level, so the stress level increases. The combination robs the muscles, provides nasty men Breasts.

With Epsom salt bathing

Researchers say that almost no one is showering properly or bathes. Because pretty much anything that foams up nicely, it will attack the protective layer of the skin. Better: in Epsom salt dive. As a Bath additive, it significantly increases the level of magnesium in the body, clears oily skin and has a regenerative after intense muscular stress, and during acute periods of Stress.

Sleep longer

In each of the short night the body’s cells consume less glucose and instead build more muscle proteins. The fat cells store the glucose Surplus for bad times. Means: Who sleeps little, lose muscle and fat.

Six-pack abs on Instagram watch

It was previously thought, photos of obese people on the fridge would make a stop to pick up at night for a Snack. Error! We see photos of thicker people, the brain says: “Well, for me it’s Yes!” Better: the body beautiful to look at. The competitive men’s brain wants to keep up with the spurs under-confident!

Every orgasm celebrate

Sex makes you in a good mood, reduces stress hormones (at least 20 minutes duration!) and increases the burning of fat. Plus: Who comes twice a week, reduces the risk of a cardiovascular disease to die by 50 percent!

Phone High!

Immediately after Waking up, it’s happening: Instagram, check messages, check E-Mails. We always look down on the Smartphone. By the hanging head, the fabric follows the force of gravity and SAG earlier than all the generations before us – a double chin, nasolabial folds and sagging cheeks are the result. Therefore, the mobile phone to eye level to keep the font size and brightness to Maximum (otherwise, there are also wrinkles around the eye).

To take off home and shoes

On each Shoe sole up to 421 stick 000 bacteria and environmental toxins, with which you do not want to share a bathroom and a bed.

Eat like Odysseus

Big: the “Greek Anti-Aging diet”. Researchers were able to demonstrate that Mediterranean foods such as olives and green leafy vegetables to extend the telomeres, the DNA-protective end caps of chromosomes. A similar life-prolonging effect to it also, if you are sitting during the day less. An effect, by the way, unfortunately, is not (!) entry, if you sit a lot during your day and evening Sport drives.

Don’t be mad

FYI to all who like to take meat, noodles, nuts, cheese, or bread, eating, Smoking, medication, or a stressful Job, it is Likely that your body is acidifies! The consequences are exhaustion, decrease in performance, and a worse complexion. Here it helps on a basic diet, that is to say: a lot of minerals such as calcium or Magnesium. You can also take advantage of convenient on the side (e.g. “bases Citrate” according to Rudolf Keil, in the pharmacy), et voilà!: The skin is pure, the head fitter, is the strengthening of muscles.

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This article was written by (Constantin Herrmann)

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