Stay fit as a fiddle with pole dancing; actor Aashka Goradia shows us how

TV actor Aashka Goradia from serial Kkusum fame is giving major fitness goals with these poll fitness workout videos. Have you seen them yet?

Want to add a little bit of dance, drama and pizzazz to your workout regime? Pole dance or pole fitness may be the thing for you. These days TV actor Aashka Goradia, a self-confessed fitness enthusiast, is seen giving major fitness goals with her pole fitness videos on Instagram. If you have happened to miss them, check these out.



Then, slowly, like the sunrise peeking over the horizon, she smiled. She snapped the box closed. She didn’t scream. She didn’t run. She didn’t faint. There might have been a little crying. But mostly… she danced… look at her NOW! ❤️ . . PS – @anushkasen0408 you got me swirling on this song baby ❤️

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In the videos, thirty four-year-old Goradia, who is famed for her serial Kkusum, showed us how to swirl on the pole. In one of them, she even wore a pair of stilettos.



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Sure seems fun. But in addition, it also offers a full body workout. An excellent form of aerobic activity, it not only strengthens the upper body and core but also improves your flexibility in addition to burning calories. An ideal workout lasts anywhere between 60-90 minutes and you can burn up to 400-500 calories depending upon the intensity of your workout.



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Pole dancing focuses on the legs, abdominals, arms and shoulders. The muscles in the upper and lower legs including hip flexors, hamstrings, calves and quads are moving while practising it. The form also builds strength and endurance in your triceps, biceps and forearms.

*A pole
*Pole cleaner
*A crash nut or thick pillows
*Training shoes
*Gloves and powder for grip



In love with this song… #onrepeat? #soundon #sunday #weekend #fullscreen

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Improved Flexibility

When done correctly, pole dancing combines strength training, endurance, cardio and flexibility. It uses the muscles of the entire body as you are constantly on the move. For some, it could be even more appealing than going to the gym.

Better coordination and balance

Kinesthetic sense, also known as muscle memory, is the alertness of your own movement. By carrying out more advanced moves with each class, your kinesthetic awareness rises. There are many advantages of having increased sensory alertness such as becoming more adapt to sights, sounds and smells . When paired with good balance, increased kinesthetic awareness enables you to bypass common mishaps like tripping, stubbing your toe on something, or knocking things over.

Its a great confidence building tool

Like any other workout, this physically demanding form of exercise can make one fit and flexible which can trigger the happiness hormones. It is also considered a method to get in touch with one’s feminine side.

Beneficial for the heart

Just like any type of aerobic training, pole dancing is as beneficial for your heart. Since all the muscles are committed to the exercise, consistency promotes blood flow. Good blood flow helps ensure that the cells in your body receive an optimal amount of oxygen and nutrients. This is especially significant for women who spend hours sitting on a chair while working.

Improved sleep

Exercise triggers increase in body temperature and the post exercises drop in temperature helps in falling asleep faster. It can also shift your body clock depending on the time your exercise was carried out.

*Learn from certified instructors first to avoid injuries.

*One can expect to feel sore in the shoulders and sometimes in places you didn’t know could be sore.

*While performing inverted moves, always ensure that your head is tucked in properly into your chest so that even if you slip, it will not hurt your neck. Don’t forget to enjoy it but keep safety in mind.

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