Don’t want age to bog you down? Try Pilates like Sonam Kapoor’s mother on a ‘trapeze table’

Recently, Sonam Kapoor, 34, was seen with mother Sunita Kapoor, 54, doing what most wouldn't call easy.

If you think age can bog one down as they grow older, think again. While there are many who restrain themselves from working out or staying in shape, there are others who continue to give us major fitness goals.

Recently, Sonam Kapoor, 34, was seen with mother Sunita Kapoor, 54, doing what many wouldn’t call easy — Pilates on a Trapeze Table — a supportive piece of Pilates equipment that improves spinal mobility.

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Take a look at the video shared by Pilates trainer Radhika Karle. She wrote on her Instagram post, “@sonamkapoor gets her sense of fashion and her #fitnessmotivation from her super strong mom @kapoor.sunita !! Here are the mom-daughter #fit duo doing the super advanced exercise for #spinalmobility on the #pilates Trapeze Table which challenges #scapularstability !!”



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What is a Trapeze Table?

An extraordinary variety of exercises are possible, from gentle, spring-assisted sit-ups to advanced acrobatics. Trapeze tables help in maximum stability, efficient adjustment which allows the practitioner to work on more difficult and strenuous Pilates movements and routines.

Also known as the Cadillac, the Trapeze Table was actually the first piece of Pilates equipment ever developed at the start of World War 1 in 1914. It is said that when inventor of Pilates, Joseph Pilates was transferred to the Isle of Man, he began using his method of exercise to treat those injured in war. He began experimenting with an exercise apparatus that used bed springs for resistance to train soldiers who were bedridden. He used springs attached to the head and footboards to create resistance and assistance to help patients gain strength and heal quicker. If a person had difficulty sitting up in bed, he attached springs to a wooden dowel to help them up.

The Trapeze Table has short and long springs with light and medium resistance, a rolldown bar and a tower bar that can all be used to facilitate spinal mobility and helps in strengthening the core. Along the top of the apparatus is a sliding crossbar to which the Trapeze is attached. This Trapeze can be used for higher level exercises as well as acrobatic moves. There are also loops that attach to the upper horizontal bars that are used to hold your feet for exercises where you are hanging.

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Here’s how it can be beneficial

1. It gives your body even more of a workout as it helps achieve movements that would not otherwise be possible.
2. It can help you become more flexible, improving your Pilates abilities in the process.
3. It’s a great option for elderly practitioners or those with mobility weaknesses, as it provides more support than Mat Pilates.
4. It can work out multiple parts of your body with multiple purposes, including overall strength improvement, flexibility, core strength, stability and more.
5. And, as with all Pilates’ exercises, it can significantly improve the balance of your body, thereby having a positive effect on the way you carry yourself, the way you walk and even how well you sleep.

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