4 Reasons to Make Rosé Your New Go-To Cool Weather Beverage

Rosé has been our official drink of summer for years now, but it always makes us a little sad when the cooler weather comes around and we’re back to sipping the same old reds and whites. But why not just keep drinking rosé in the winter too? We’re crazy enough to add it to our desserts, so what’s to stop us from sipping on a glass during a blizzard? Nothing. In fact, these are just a few of the reasons why you should drink rosé all winter.

1. It’s incredibly versatile

Thanksgiving is a notoriously hard meal for wine pairings, thanks to the wide variety of dishes on the menu. Roast turkey, green bean casserole, candied sweet potatoes — what goes with all of them? Classic choices include Beaujolais Nouveau and Pinot Noir, but this year, try rosé.

A dry or semi-dry rosé has the right amount of acidity, fruitiness, and hint of sweetness to pair with all of these dishes, and it’s a fun opportunity to splurge on a nicer bottle than what you basically drank as water all summer.

2. It’s celebratory

Bubbly is our go-to for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, but what’s the only thing fancier than a bottle of boring beige champagne? A bottle of pink, bubbly rosé, of course! When the clock hits midnight and everyone’s toasting, just think of how pretty those champagne flutes will look filled with fizzy pink wine. Even better? It will pair like a dream with the cheese and charcuterie platter you serve at your party.

3. It’s delicious mulled

Just as an ice-cold glass of rosé hits the spot on a warm summer day, a hot cup of mulled rosé will make the snow outside seem to melt away. Ask your wine merchant for a light, fruity, dry or off-dry rosé to start with, then simmer it with ingredients like grapefruit, pink peppercorns, and allspice. The resulting drink is less heavy than your traditional mulled red wine, but will still warm you right up — and with all of the complementary spices, it’s just the thing to reach for when you’re snacking on a plate of gingerbread cookies.

4. It’s affordable

If you want a great bottle of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, or Cabernet Sauvignon, you’re going to have to shell out more than $20. But with rosé, you can find great bottles for even $10. That’s because it’s rarely aged for long, and because it’s one of the cheapest varietals of wine to produce. Take advantage of that and pick up a case or two to get you through the long winter without breaking the bank. The next thing you know, it’ll be summer!

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