These Epic Pole-Dancing Photos Are The Fitspiration You Didn’t Know You Needed

Pole dancing is no easy feat—it takes an intense amount of physical power to pull, slide, and swivel around that pole. Not only do you need to have a strong upper body to ace pole dancing, but also a lot of leg power and stamina (and a rock-solid core).

Now, the company Power Pole Sports is asking pole enthusiasts to take their fitness abilities to the next level: They’ve challenged followers to take photos of themselves doing things they do every day, but on the pole. And the results are mind-blowing, to say the least:

1) Surfing

Have you ever carried a surfboard? Those things are heavy AF—and @lunalila is holding one upside down while dangling from one leg.

2) Biking

You can stare at this pic for ages and still not figure out exactly how she pulled this off. (Props for wearing a helmet for safety!)

3) Sorting laundry

❤️❤️❤️ #WeekendPowerPoleProject Week of: 03/30/2018 Project: #pdEveryDay ❤️❤️❤️ Aaaahahahahahha! Laundry day when you’re a pole dancer from @fiapolerina!! ???????? Bra on the foot is a great touch!! ? Fantastic submission for this week’s #WeekendPowerPoleProject, #pdEveryday!!??? @powerpolesports #weekendpowerpoleproject #pdeveryday ____ Show us your EVERYDAY LIFE, but on the POLE! We’ll give you lots of examples and inspo but we’re looking for how your ordinary life would look ON THE POLE! You can do this one individually, as doubles or triples, and we would LOVE to see this one done with an entire GROUP THEME so submit your CLASS PROJECTS for this one too! We can’t WAIT to see what you come up with! This is going to be an INCREDIBLY fun one! TAG YOUR POLE FRIENDS TO PARTICIPATE IN THE PROJECT WITH YOU!! ??????‍♀️ @powerpolesports #WeekendPowerPoleProject #pdEveryDay ❤️ __________ ✅ IMPORTANT: We usually require that your moves be NEW to submit for the project, however, for THIS week, we will also accept previously done pictures, BUT YOU MUST POST THEM AGAIN this week with all the appropriate project tags for feature! ??? __________ FOR FEATURE: ✅1️⃣ FOLLOW @powerpolesports ✅2️⃣ NEW ???? FOLLOW THE HASHTAG #WeekendPowerPoleProject ✅3️⃣ POST your high quality photo or video submission (YOUR SUBMISSIONS MUST BE NEWLY POSTED TO QUALIFY) ✅4️⃣ YOU NEED 3 TAGS IN YOUR POST ???? @powerpolesports #WeekendPowerPoleProject #pdEveryDay. ???? ALL 3 TAGS must be in your ORIGINAL POST description, and not in comments. ❤️ We do a new Weekend Power Pole® Project every Friday, complete with breakdown and slo-mo videos and tutorials. Each project runs from Friday to the following Thursday. You have a FULL WEEK TO ENTER EVERY PROJECT! FOLLOW @powerpolesports AND FOLLOW HASHTAG #WeekendPowerPoleProject to learn NEW MOVES EVERY WEEK! ❤️ ❤️ #powerpole ® #powerpolesports #polechallenge #pdnewmoves – #pdchallenge #polepose #pdtrick #poleshapes #pdtricks #poleshape #igpoledance #ig_poledance #poleathome #homepole #staticpole #polewife #poledancingmotivation #poleathome #homepole #homepoler

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Folding laundry is a total PIA, but @fiapolerina found a way to make it epic.

4) Vacuuming

Psyching yourself up to vacuum is tough, but @ivypole does it hanging upside down on a pole. So yeah, no excuses.

5) Picking up around the house

This woman manages to actually pick up her son’s toys while balancing on a pole. OMG OMG OMG.

6) Practicing the violin

“Music in every aspect of life… whether it is playing or dancing to it,” writes Apparently she can do both at once.

7) …and guitar

As a Music Therapist, @lindsay_polesoul doesn’t waste a minute away from her instruments.

8) Hanging with friends

These women didn’t just crowd onto a pole—they created a “pole kebab.”

9) Swimming

Who needs water when you’ve got a pole? Apparently not @nilda.carrero.

10) Weight training

In case suspending from a pole wasn’t enough of a workout, @bonnie_baggio added some dumbbells to the mix.

11) Eating pasta

Hey, you’ve got to refuel after all that hard work, right? @Kristenpickles understands the importance of carb-loading.

12) Catching some Zzz’s

“Where and when is it okay to catch a nap? Wherever! Whenever!” writes @darniela.stilger. YAS to that!

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