Watch This Trainer Prep a Week's Worth of Meals for Just $15

Meal prep can be as much an art as a science. You’re trying to save time, manage calories, and make food that’s tasty, easy to keep, and quick to re-heat. On top of all of that, if you’re like YouTuber Joe Delaney, you’re also trying to make meals that are “proper cheap.”

Delaney’s an online personal trainer who has recently produced a series of videos about inexpensive eating; in previous entries he pulled off a week of meals for under £20 (about $26) and even tried to live on £1 of food daily for a week—which he does not recommend.

Now he’s back with another budget-food video, demonstrating how to meal prep for the week for around £12 (about $15). There are a couple caveats, though: He’s providing lunch and dinner, Monday through Friday—you’ll need to fend for yourself on the weekend. And because he’s looking to get lean, these aren’t meals you’d eat if you were bulking up.

That aside, the food looks pretty tasty for the price. The first meal is beef burritos made with red onions, mixed beans, and fiery fajita seasoning. Wrapped up and frozen, they’re easily re-heated throughout the week.

The second meal requires “the culinary prowess of a goat,” as Delaney puts its. It’s a roast chicken with potatoes and frozen vegetables. The chicken gets you some protein, while the vegetables require no real prep—though you’re going to want some sort of sauce, otherwise it’s a bit of a dry meal. As with the burritos, divide up the finished product and you’ve got an easily reheatable meals for the week.

If that sounds good to you, or you’re just curious how he makes it work, check out Delaney’s video here:

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