Starbucks Releases 2 New Halloween Drinks — but There's a Catch

Halloween in the U.S. tends to be a garish affair. There are rotting zombie faces, ghoulish Frankensteins and bloody vampires everywhere.

But Starbucks Japan has gone a different route with their Halloween Frappuccinos this year, and we’ve got to say we’re pretty jealous of these elegant offerings.

For the naughty among us, there’s the Halloween witch Frappuccino. Made with a blended crème base Frappuccino, this drink is a dark apple-chocolate flavor, with apple compote, dark chocolate syrup, apple and caramel cookies blended in and a cloud of whipped cream on top.

For the sweet, there’s the Halloween princess Frappuccino. It is also a crème base Frappuccino, this time "milk sweet apple" flavored. Basically, sweet cream and apple compote are blended together to make the drink, which is topped with a swirl of whipped cream and pearlescent pastel sprinkles.

We’ve always loved both sides of Halloween, both the spooky and the silly, so these new offerings really speak to us. In the past, Starbucks USA has had some fun Halloween offerings (vampire and Frankenstein Frappuccinos), but we’re looking forward to seeing what they have this year. Maybe they can take a page out of Starbucks Japan’s book and give us something that speaks to the elegantly spooky side of Halloween. Then again, we’d also just settle for anything that has those gorgeous sprinkles on top.

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