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When we think of the Fourth of July, we think of pool parties, barbecues, and of course, hot dog eating contests. Albeit impressive, eating 74 hot dogs in one sitting — like our hot dog hero, Joey Chestnut did today — can’t be good for the body. And, judging by how many calories are in a Nathan’s hot dog, it’s probably not.

Unlike Joey Chestnut, most of us stick to one or two hot dogs at a time. That said, it doesn’t make the calorie count any less shocking. Curious to know how many calories are in a Nathan’s hot dog? We share the details, ahead.

Hot dogs aren’t the only high-calorie menu item at Nathan’s Famous. | Stan Honda/AFP/GettyImages

How many calories are in a Nathan’s hot dog?

For those looking to make healthy choices this Fourth of July, a Nathan’s hot dog is probably not your best option. According to nutrition database Nutritionix, one Skinless Hot Dog, Foot-Long from Nathan’s Famous is about 540 calories and only 16% of those calories come from protein. The rest of the calories comes from carbohydrates (29%) and fat (a whopping 55%). To put things into perspective, it would take around two and a half hours of exercise (walking) to burn off 540 calories.

That said, a World Famous Beef Dog amounts to 280 calories. While it’s a little less than a Skinless Hot Dog, Foot-Long, it doesn’t take away from the fact that Joey Chestnut ate over 20,000 calories in hot dogs today.

Curious to know how many calories are in other favorite Nathan’s Famous menu items? Find out, below.

One Nathan’s Famous World Famous Beef Dog is 280 calories. | krblokhin/iStock/Getty Images

Nathan’s Famous Cheese Dog

Calories: 430

If you have your eyes on a Nathan’s Famous Cheese Dog, you’re in luck, as it is one of the lowest calorie hot dogs on the menu. That said, 430 calories is still a lot for one dog and, according to Nutritionix, can take up to two hours of exercise to burn off.

Nathan’s Famous Chili Cheese Dog

Calories: 550

Thinking about a Nathan’s Famous Chili Cheese Dog? While it does sound like an all-American way to celebrate independence day — and summer in general — it comes with a price. The Chili Cheese Dog from Nathan’s is about 550 calories and, like the Skinless Hot Dog, Foot-Long, would take about two and a half hours of exercise to burn off.

Nathan’s Famous Original Philly Cheesesteak

Calories: 680

Hot dogs aren’t the only fan favorite item on Nathan’s Famous menu — the Original Philly Cheesesteak is also a must-try. However, if you’re counting calories, this popular item might not be the best option as it contains a whopping 680 calories and 18 grams of saturated fat.

Nathan’s Famous Funnel Cake

Calories: 580

Is funnel cake calling your name? Then be prepared for sugar — and calorie — overload. Not only does a Nathan’s Famous Funnel Cake contain 580 calories, it also has 43 grams of sugar, too.

Nathan’s Famous French Fries, Regular

Calories: 510

French fries are always a good idea. Except, you’re probably better off ordering from McDonald’s (a small fry is about 230 calories) as Nathan’s Famous French Fries have more calories than the Cheese Dog.

Nathan’s Famous Beer-Battered Onion Rings

Calories: 550

Despite being a (sort of) vegetable, Nathan’s Famous Beer-Battered Onion Rings are high in calories and fat. At 550 calories, one order of onion rings amounts to a Chili Cheese Dog, just saying.

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