Four In Ten Of People Live By These Major Diet Myths

Do you still believe that carrots help you see in the dark and skipping meals is imperative for weight loss? Well, you’d be wrong. But you’re also not alone. According to the Independent, four in ten people live by diet myths.

A survey of 2,000 Brits found that a third of respondents mistakenly think that chewing gum takes seven years to digest, one in five people consider eggs bad for your cholesterol and others still believe that sugar is a good source energy.

When in fact plenty of research has debunked the link between egg consumption and cardiovascular disease, and sugar has been well and truly demonised in health circles.

Other popular misconceptions include not eating food after 8pm helps with weight loss and “no pain, no gain” is the best way to exercise. Overall, a quarter of people were “shocked” to discover that food advice they’d followed was actually false.

Anna Lioni, brand manager for Spatone, which was behind the study told the Independent that there are plenty of old wives’ tales around food.

“Rarely a day goes by without it being reported that certain things which were once deemed healthy are now a risk, and vice versa,” she said. “And sometimes, what works for one may not work for another. But there are plenty of food myths that have been proven conclusively to be untrue.”

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