Expert explains: With a rule of thumb, your own calories is required to determine

Most people are familiar with your calorie needs, all is well, or don’t know how you calculate this. In principle, is clear: those Who take more calories than he consumes, the to takes. Who supplies less energy than his body requires, the decreases. But how much is too much or too little?

How to calculate the calories needed

"There is a rule of thumb, the men können&quot Orient;, Professor Dr. Ingo Froböse of the German sport University in Cologne, says. This is 1.1 x 24 x normal weight. Normal weight is defined as body size minus 100. "This formula describes only the minimum needs of the Körpers", Froböse says. This is also referred to as basal metabolic rate.

What determines the demand for energy?

A man whose normal weight is 80 kilograms (he is 1.80 meters tall), has according to this formula, a basal metabolic rate of about 2100 calories. How high is the additional demand for power is, always depends on how active you designed his daily routine and how much muscle mass someone. "In the cut, you can hinzurechnen&quot for the reason that sales is about 20 to 30 percent;, Froböse says.

Even when eating disorders in men have increased in recent years, in percentage terms, most of the men but rather the Problem is that they take more calories than your body needs. If you are not careful, it develops with time, a excess weight. In this case, it not only helps the diet, but to get the body to burn more calories.

So you increase your calorie consumption

The key is to burn more calories is to exercise. The calorie requirement is higher, if someone has a lot of muscle mass. "Muscles are a Turbo for the Kalorienverbrauch", the expert says. He therefore recommends a regular volume of training to increase the muscle mass in the body.

One should not neglect, but also the stamina training: It means that the number of mitochondria increases. They work as a kind of power plants in the cells, which burn calories. "Ideally a combination of both Methoden", the sports scientists advises. Especially important is regular training sessions.

In between meals, sufficient rest periods to comply with

A further component is a healthy diet. It is not just about what you eat – but also how often. "The decisive factor is the breaks between the Mahlzeiten&quot are;, Froböse says. "I experience it mainly in men, that you comply with these."

It is not even necessary, regardless of interval, fast switch. "It is enough to eat between meals four to six hours. This resting phase you should adhere to actually strict, and not with a Snack unterbrechen", the expert advises.

The A & O: The correct serving size

The rest phase leads to the fact that the body gets the opportunity, the energy from the cells again. Also, the blood sugar level stabilizes, so that cravings and cravings subside. "Many men think, unfortunately, not that liquids contain calories können", Froböse says. This includes not only sodas but also alcohol-containing drinks.

It is also important to pay attention to the size of the portions. "I experience it, unfortunately, also often the case that men are disciplined significantly less than Frauen", the expert says. Often this is based on ignorance, with regards to the calorie content of individual foods. "If it is eaten when grilling a large steak with mustard and beer drinking, this is often a disproportionate Portion", he says. Therefore, it is worthwhile not only to build muscles to increase the calorie consumption, but to deal generally with the calorie content of foods – with the Sport alone, an excessively high calorie intake can otherwise often hardly compensate for.

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