Question to the diet-author: And what do you eat every day?

Matthias Riedl, 54, is a renowned nutritional expert, author of diet-Advisor “lose weight after the 20:80 principle,” and proud of his physical Fitness. FOCUS Online, he told how his own meal plan looks like and what is for him a taboo.

The specialist in internal medicine, nutritional medicine, and practical founder of Medicum Hamburg, Matthias Riedl, has written a successful diet guide for all, the slim down want to permanently slim and healthy want to stay. The principle of the “20:80 diet” sounds amazingly simple: To 80 per cent of the previous diet remain, only the remaining 20% need to change depending on which metabolic type you are.

Gräfe and Unzer/private Dr. Matthias Riedl

FOCUS Online: Esspraktiker, Gourmet, calorie-saver, of Course-Esser, custom eaters – to which type of person are you?

Dr. Matthias Riedl: If I’m under a lot of Stress and everything must be done quickly, I’m Esspraktiker. Then, I might buy a Ready meal. Organic it must be. Otherwise I have the typical am, of Course-eaters: fresh products, self-prepared, lots of vegetables, little sugar.

FOCUS Online: it sounds like you have your 20:80 principle, not necessary, or you have changed your 20 percent?

Riedl: I have to say that I have always been slim, the BMI was never over 23, and I’m up to four to five hours of Sport a week. But Until ten years ago, I have kept me on the recommendation of the German society for nutrition. You can, however, be well thick, because it contains too many carbohydrates. I have also taken earlier in a particularly low-fat food. I don’t do that anymore today.


FOCUS Online: And how do you do it instead?

Riedl: I’m aware of less easily assimilable carbohydrates to eat, so potatoes, rice, pasta, bread. This way I can maintain my weight much easier and also quickly times two, three, kilos, if I don’t need that “Carbs”. I can be quite good, I can eat more vegetables. I consume today, also more fat, but good. A bottle of olive oil is not old. And then, very important: I pay attention today, plenty of protein on the dining plan. I am physically much more powerful – I notice the shaft of my favourite sport riding, and I build the age-related muscle loss.

FOCUS Online: Is your daily meal plan as well as reasonable as your diet principles? What’s for Breakfast, for example?

Riedl: Green tea, cottage cheese with Blue, blueberries or raspberries, a glass of orange juice without sugar. And then: every Morning a spoonful of linseed oil, which is super for the blood fat values.

FOCUS Online: at Noon, there’s probably no Currywurst for you?

Riedl: no, never! Since I have a herring with me to me what in practice: fresh organic whole grain bread with cheese, or chicken salad, made fresh in my trunk shops. And I drink tap water.

FOCUS Online: no coffee, no Cola, nothing Sweet in the afternoon – really?

Riedl: Yes, a caffeine-free Espresso I guess, but coke would be me, in the meantime, much too sweet. And as a Snack I’ll have nuts. I love pistachios, almonds, or Brazil nuts. And twice a week my assistant to bring indoor Franz buns. I love this typical Hamburger particles.

FOCUS Online: is the dinner?

Riedl: of Course not. In the evening there is usually meat or fish with a large vegetable stir-fry, preferably Mediterranean or Asian.


FOCUS Online: it sounds like from the Textbook. Do you have no weaknesses, when it comes to food?

Riedl: Yes, some. I love French fries with Ketchup on the potatoes, but I’m in the hot-air-fryer and my Ketchup has only 18 per cent of sugar. With chocolate or gummy bears, I can’t handle at all, I would immediately eat them all. I have, therefore, never in the house. And if I don’t have during the day, my three meals, I get in the evening, right cravings and can eat properly. I eat actually pretty fond of.

FOCUS Online: Is there then something would come you’re never on the table?

Riedl: I waivers on sugar and watch, no phosphates to food, which in many of the sausage were stuck. And liver and whole-grain noodles don’t go. The noodles were a good source for healthy whole grain. But I’m sorry, dear, no noodles.

Learn more about the slimming concept in the guide He lose weight after the 20:80 principle contains, in addition to diet tips has also developed 90 recipes, the nutrition expert Christin Müller. GU Verlag, to 20 euros.