Vegan says: An Egg is as harmful as 5 cigarettes – Twitter-User criticize you

Eggs, the new Smoking? A Twitter user that all-in-one Egg to eat would be as harmful as Smoking five cigarettes. Due to the high cholesterol content of the food was. What is behind the slanted comparison?

How many eggs are healthy, in addition to experts discuss again and again. That cigarettes are unhealthy, is out of the question. Actually. A vegan sees something different, and writes under the Twitter name “Plant-Based Barb”:

“An Egg = five cigarettes? Egg yolks are full of cholesterol. A medium-sized Egg contains 186 milligrams of cholesterol, which is 62 percent of the recommended intake. Eating eggs is harmful for your health as Smoking!“


The comparison probably comes from a controversial study from Canada that was mentioned in the Netflix documentary “What the Health” of 2017. The criticism of the Twitter User did not have to wait long. More than 700 comments under the Post , which point to the lack of scientific basis and the question of the study eligibility.

So many eggs are not a problem

In fact, eggs were considered for a long time due to their high cholesterol content as a concern. Cholesterol is a blood fat that the body needs, and for the most part, even in the liver produces. A high cholesterol level in the blood harm the blood vessels and can lead to diseases of the cardiovascular system.

The Studies about cholesterol-rich foods have, is contradictory. However, experts have agreed that healthy people (who do not suffer from heart disease or Diabetes) should eat three to four eggs per week. This does not harm your health. In addition, diet for cholesterol not a huge factor: food such as eggs, reduce the blood fat values only to 25 percent.

Nicotine is a poison, that the vascular and nervous system attacks, the risk of cancer massively increases and no positive health effects. The comparison of the “Plant-Based Barb” is not appropriate.

“Plant-based Barb” is not aware of the criticism of the other User and remains in your original comparison.

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