Two Heinz ketchup the worst

Grillwust, noodles, French fries With a dollop of Ketchup tastes much better. But how well Heinz, Werder and co. are? Stiftung Warentest has examined the current-issue 19 Ketchup varieties. The result: All of the products completed with satisfactory to good. However, some manufacturers cheated the tomato content.

At best, the testers rated the organic ketchup from Alnatura, Bio Central, and Because’organic market. The worst sections of the reduced-sugar Heinz Ketchup (Note 3.1) and the Heinz children ketchup (Note 3,4). In both, the part of the sugar was replaced by steviol glycosides. As a result, the sauce tastes according to the testers uncomfortable to vinegar. Behind the two products have the same formulation is, moreover, of the children of ketchup costs but six cents per 100 milliliters.

Heinz Ketchup contains the most sugar

Heinz due to a larger logistics costs due to the smaller packing size. With 59 cents per Milliliter of the children of ketchup from Heinz is significantly more expensive than the test winner of Alnatura (36 cents). Also, the Standard-Ketchup, Heinz landed the Test in the back of the midfield. With 27 grams of sugar per 100 milliliters of Ketchup contained the most sugar.

The rather maue test judgment meets Heinz in a company crisis. The US food group reported for 2018 significant losses. Recently, Heinz stopped in addition, the deliveries to Edeka, because the grocer did not want to pay more for the products than in the past. Because of a dispute over aid to Airbus and Boeing, the EU wants to impose additional duties on US-Ketchup.

Aldi products contain hardly any tomatoes

Other well-known manufacturers such as Werder scored in the Ketchup Test better. The products were all rated “good”. The best-rated Discounter-Ketchup comes from Lidl. The products of Penny, Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd have been able to convince less. The Aldi products are advertised with a particularly high proportion of tomato puree. In the Test: The indication is richly embellished. The tomato share was even below the average.

Most of the money required by the manufacturer for children ketchup. According to the test result, the cost is not worthwhile, however. Some contained, although more expensive agave syrup instead of sugar. It saves calories but hardly. Children can eat confidently to the adults, ketchup, according to the testers.

But Ketchup is at all healthy? In addition to tomato paste, sugar is the most important ingredient. Two tablespoons of Heinz Ketchup, for example, contain 8,1 grams of sugar and 36 calories. Healthy is different.

In comparison to sugary drinks and greasy food, Ketchup, however, are of little weight, argues Stiftung Warentest, because Ketchup is mostly eaten only in small portions.

The testers also checked how the red sauce flows the best out of glass bottles. The pivot-a Trick where the bottle back – and-forth is shaken, brings, therefore, very little. To put a straw up to the bottom of the bottle and have him draw it out again, not achieved the desired effect. The most reliable worked, to knock with the flat of the Hand on the bottom of the bottle or a blow with the edge of the hand on the neck of the bottle, the bottle in each case obliquely.