Bottoms up

Sandra Maischberger opened the round with a science journalist Bas Kast. The guide book “The nutritional compass” has made it to the bestseller lists. At a table that Kast food is allowed to review with green, yellow and red dots. The point of the award is, not surprisingly, is green, there are for whole-grain products, vegetables, yogurt, nuts and oily saltwater fish. Fresh meat in moderation is ok (yellow dot), the Salami gets a red dot.

After all, Kast surprise maischberger so that he keeps a coffee filter for a healthy and well-ripened cheese contains a health-promoting compound called Spermidine: “I hope it tastes you still.” Milk is, however, to have been invented by nature “to make small babies”. In the adult body, but cancers of the waxes in the case of high consumption, probably.

For the research for his book, Kast wants to have “several Thousand” studies read. Kast himself had changed his diet after he had felt while Jogging one day, heart close. Whether this was due actually to his previous eating habits, however, remains open.

Violently Kasts book by another guest, a psychiatrist and theologian Manfred Lütz is criticized. “Here’s a little scientific, what is not science is,” scolds Lütz. To fall out dogmatic Kasts diet tips him. He had also been speaking with nutritionists, the with the milk nonsense.

Kast remains left, Warren: The topic of dairy is controversial, with vegetables and meat, the data is clear. “I’m just trying to give a certain Overview.” What Lütz noted aptly: “we already knew That before”.

Actually, the round promotes neither really New nor Profound. The actress Michaela May reported that you have previously tried diets with eggs and Grapefruit, and that they could not stop with just one piece of chocolate. Meanwhile, you hear when you eat more and is also stone fruit, because the bloating make.

In addition to her TV presenter Andrea ball Shoe sits. She says that she “had been totally happy to eat”, however, sugar is addictive, even if the “would not be a scientifically recognised Yes”. From their Facebook group, you know, however, that it other similar. Only a 90-day waiver of added sugar have you freed from the dependency.

As Susanne Langguth from the food Association of BLL sugared milk in schools defends, stimulates ball Shoe: “The pitscht children total, and then they fall into an energy hole!” Sugar activate “the same centres, such as alcohol and cocaine” in the brain. Psychiatrist Lütz not urges to use the addiction term inflationary: “We have no sugar withdrawal station, in our psychiatric clinic.”

In an interview outside in front of the Internet activist, melody Michel Berger remains almost to the end: you used to have anorexia, today she posts on Instagram pictures of yourself in underwear, to show that not only thin can be beautiful – in fact, that would be a private topic. Michel Berger must then say still that she finds it difficult to make food into healthy and unhealthy divide, because this feeling arises, something is wrong: “The slimming industry, says about our uncertainties.” The enjoyment you should not forget when you never eat.

The subject of nutrition, the with Maischberger, is complicated, but only if you think you desperately need to really do everything right. But that sugary sodas rather badly, fruits, vegetables and whole grain products are rather good at it can some of the round quickly. In the case of other foodstuffs, and especially in the case of finished products in the supermarket, the assessment is the most severe. The often required by the food traffic light would be a sensible solution to make consumers life easier.

In the round, the representative of the food industry has a good tip for all, who have no real problems with your diet, but still is constantly on the headache. Complicated is not: “Eat what you like – and think a bit about how much and what.”