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This week the first Christmas markets open and thus the time of eggnog, mulled wine and feuerzangenbowle begins. Who durchzecht a month, longs in January, often after a Pause. A month without alcohol – the is create to. In a survey commissioned by the health insurance Fund DAK twelve percent of the respondents indicated that, in the new year, drink less alcohol. But the short-term waiver has positive effects?

To reflect his consumption of alcohol at all times critical, it is a good idea, says Christina Rummel of the German centre for addiction issues (DHS). The waiver is also a psychological test. “If you don’t notice in this Dry January, that one manages to reduce his alcohol consumption, this can be an impetus to get help.” In this case, the intent would have definitely an effect. According to the latest report on drugs and addiction drinks every sixth person in Germany too much alcohol.

Whether temporary alcohol waiver, but the effects are actually positive in the long run – for example, a detoxifying effect on the body, is difficult to prove. “The evidence is low, there are hardly any studies,” says Christian Sina, Director of the Institute for nutritional medicine at the University hospital of Lübeck.

Nevertheless, the experts are in favour of a waiver. Because it is the principle: The less alcohol, the better. The disease risk for adults is increased according to the DHS for women aged twelve grams of pure alcohol per day proof. This corresponds to about 0.3 litres of beer. In men, the threshold is twice as high. What Form of alcohol you drink does not matter.

“Even if you drink less, the risk for health effects is not equal to zero”, says Volker Ellenrieder, Director of the clinic of gastroenterology of the University medical center Göttingen. But the one who drinks more alcohol, it can damage his body, particularly the liver.

“Fatigue is the pain of the liver

“The more you advance and the damaged liver has been drinking, the more time the body needs to recover,” explains Ellen Rieder. A waiver of alcohol can help at least a few people – four or eight weeks of the waiver are good.

The dangerous liver disease: they often fall. “The liver does not hurt. Tiredness is the pain of the liver”, says Volker Ellenrieder. Lack of detoxification can cause deposits in the brain and for fatigue. However, the liver can handle a lot, and has a high regeneration potential. You can use this by taking you a while to rest.

Too much alcohol but also for other organs, dangerous. “Chronic alcohol consumption can also lead to inflammation of the pancreas,” says Ellen Rieder. Acute alcohol can affect as you know, the concentration, coordination, and emotions. And no matter whether chronic or acute excessive consumption of alcohol can also lead to danger to life.

“Alcohol is always risky for the health,” emphasizes Christina Rummel. It can cause cancer and the risk for various diseases, including Diabetes and tuberculosis. Experts estimate that, worldwide, approximately 700,000 people fall ill because of their alcohol consumption to cancer. Especially the risk for breast – and colorectal cancer is increasing due to excessive consumption of alcohol.

To abandon, temporarily, does the organs so first. In addition, the abstinence has short-term effects: alcohol is high in calories. If you don’t drink for a long time, can reduce Obesity. The quality of sleep improves, and blood pressure decreases. If that works, but diseases depending on accompanying the other diet, stresses Sina. Who can live without alcohol, but still continue with Unhealthy the belly suggests, is unlikely to feel the positive effects or the body even more harm.

Little it is a good idea to do without for a month on alcohol, to drink more in the end. Anyone who thinks so, by the time alcohol waiver is wrong to develop a free pass for the Rest of the year. “It makes no difference whether you drink a little bit every day, or the whole lot in a day,” explains Volker Ellenrieder. The experts rather recommend the specified maximum daily quantities of alcohol to be observed. And to dispense at least two days a week on alcohol.

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