Three ultimate Tricks for women against attackers

“If you are angling in a Situation like that, someone grabs The Arm, here in the elbow, not the shoulder. Here is little strength in it. Here on the thumb. Since the weakest point is. There are four fingers, there is only one. It out. Here in the elbow anbeugen. Step back, self-consciously standing there, arms high. “Hey stop”.

And so you meet de weak points of the attacker

“When you get tackled, the Situation can be, of course, very different. Depending on the Aggression level depending on the level of escalation you can support the technology well, for example, a Kick in the abdomen makes or to the knee. The are super targets on the legs below. The top blow to the head, the nose, the eye, the ear. This supports the release very, very good.”

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