Goose nice and fat!

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Days before Christmas, the head is full – no, not with gift ideas, but with the food-To-Do-list. At the very top of the dumplings of the father, followed by the roast Turkey of the mother. Also, the rascals, the aunt must be tried, as well as the Mohnstollen the grandma. And the homemade chocolates, the sister-in-law!

After all, Christmas is only once a year, the rest of the 362 days of the treats exist no more than the obligatory Christmas family photos. Fortunately, the human body seems to scream.

Although some of the typical food can be sins with the help of science. The good red wine about is considered the drug of connoisseurs. Chocolate has the reputation to make you happy, maybe you can even lower the blood pressure. For other Christmas it looks bad treats. For example, the goose protects with extra-thick cushions of fat prior to times of Famine – hardly an animal on our dining plan.

After a hearty feast on a walk with the family should be on the program. It accelerates the digestion and helps against the feeling, to have just a medicine ball is swallowed. In addition, the walk has another good effect: It contributes to the – at the holidays is so important – relaxation. The often advertised digestion liquor, however, scientists were able to prove there is no positive effect – it slows down the stomach even more.

The merry part of Christmas begins for many couples and families long before the first festive meal on Christmas eve. The Christmas tree will be adorned, the Church bells are ringing for divine service, the adult children settle down after a year break and again in your children’s room. Comfortably, it should be familiar – however, this does not always work. According to a survey of 3000 British couple, 20 percent argue, after all, on holidays.

In the Christmas quiz, you can test how much you know about the feasts, contemplative moments, and relaxation – and about what they are doing with the body. How much fat contains a roast Goose? How long the digestive system has to work to get to a rich holiday meal through the stomach and intestines? Why is it so often sick, if you find after a stressful time at last to rest? And to be begotten at Christmas, more children than otherwise in the year?

By the way, you learn quirky facts, with which you will be in the Christmas round can Shine. Only one you may not of calories and fat, the pleasure too much to spoil. It’s not the three Christmas days, the damage to the health, preaching experts. There are 362 days remaining in the year. The ones you can already create the food-To-Do-list for Christmas. But only in the head.

Here it goes with a click to the Quiz.