Fasting with 750 calories a day

The packaging is elegant and minimalist: five white cardboard boxes with bright green, leafless trees. In the small boxes of the food for a day: two soups, nut bolt, olives, tea bags, multi-vitamin tablets. In some, there are still crackers. Note fasting diet (Fasting Mimicking Diet) is the name of this five-day course of treatment, in the case of the I – must, in contrast to the starvation diet – just a little something to eat around 1100 calories on the first day, around 750 calories on days two to five.

That sounds not so little, but it is not. It is the first Time in my life that I waive my right to eat. I’m not Overweight and never had the need, my body cleanse with a healing diet. But friends have mine have reported euphoric of your almost experiences, and about how light and free she felt, how much time they suddenly had. I want to try now.

Day 1

A capsule Oil, nut bars, and tea is my Breakfast. The nut bar has 280 calories, and yet it is quite small on my plate. It tastes, however, are not enough. At noon, there is a bag of soup and four small, dark green crackers, in the afternoon, may I have another nut bar to eat, it is the richest, highest calorie day. The dinner consists of a bag of soup, ten olives, and a Mini-chocolate bar.

For the whole of the daily diet I paid 40 euros, a total of the ticket, which is fasting-diet-Box-199 Euro – a lot of money for so manageable menus. Was developed the fasting of the Gerontologist Valter Longo, who teaches at the University of California in Los Angeles. The Italian-American cell biologist researched for years on how fast the cell renewal effect. Although it takes in its diet, a certain amount of calories, comparable almost effects, such as the waiving of food, so Longo. The body will virtually tricked.

He called the company L-Nutra and marketed about his diet in the world. Privately, he is not, so Longo make in the diet-box, his share of the profit flows solely in his research.

Day 2

I had no idea how tired fast. I would probably sleep all day if I would have to go without food. Coffee? Valter Longo allowed unsweetened Espresso for caffeine-Dependent. I don’t want to be. My headaches tell me, however, is something else.

Fasting in the Form of fasting or Zero-diet is “too hard,” says Valter Longo KNOW in an Interview in the new issue of the MIRROR “health through fasting”. In addition, the complete food guide resignation to the loss of muscle mass. This should prevent the selected foods like nuts and vegetables.

Instead of Latte Macchiato in a glass, I fill from a bottle that belongs to the day-2-Box, a few milliliters of clear liquid in a bottle, the “Made in Italy”. And BPA-free. “Vegetable Glycerin,” I read under “Ingredients”. Never heard of it. Wikipedia says: glycerol is a sugar alcohol that occurs naturally in human metabolic processes. But also in E-cigarettes, lubricants, and plasticizers.

For Teatime in the afternoon, there are olives. As I rip open the pretty white package, I get angry: only six pieces! Yesterday, ten were still in the pack.

Day 3

To the healing effects of fasting there are already numerous studies – it is a small box that experienced in recent years a Boom. Mouse experiments about suggest that fasting reduces the risk of cancer, inflammation and autoimmune diseases, in humans, the risk for Diabetes, cardiovascular decreases the findings that diseases and cancer.

My risk of cancer to reduce the price sounds good. Much more important my Hunger is me at the moment. Maybe I find him so mean, because I was assumed that my metabolism on day 3 have changed and the feeling of Hunger would be gone. The had prophesied to me all the time fasted. Longo speculated later question on the return that it might be my low BMI of 19.5 could be that my metabolism has changed so slowly. He advises people with a BMI under 18 and over 65 years of fasting.

Day 4

Hunger. Hunger. Hunger. I only go to the meetings in the editorial, because I don’t want to watch the colleagues go to the canteen and then re-fed and satisfied in their offices disappear.

Today, there are Quinoa bag of soup, although Longo considers it to be the Healthiest, when to eat, what to have already consumed the ancestors. My ancestors are all from Germany and not from South America. Was produced the Quinoa soup in Italy, like everything in the package. Therefore, there is also a Minestrone and a tomato soup.

Day 5

At 11.30 am, almost High Noon, and now, finally, begin my High. I’m not hungry anymore, what a relief. And at the same time: What a disappointment! Now I’ve tormented me for four and a half days to enjoy then only half a day the feeling of not having to eat more? In the past few days, I have taken very little proteins to me. Of diets, where you eat a lot of proteins and very little meat, keeps Longo nothing. He don’t know the Population of long-lived, ate large amounts of animal protein and fat.

Day 6

I could now eat carefully start. I don’t do. I’m hanging 24 hours fast off, with soups from the organic supermarket, out of necessity. They taste terrible.

Day 7

I am hungry, but not hungry. So I could also fast. But I’ve lost two pounds, and that’s it. With vegetables, pasta, rice to start, according to the leaflet. This corresponds to the “Longevità”diet, recommended by Longo in his book for the daily diet. It is similar to the so-called Mediterranean diet: vegetables, chickpeas, olive oil, and some fish and meat.

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If you suffer from an eating disorder to feel in spite of weight of thick or try by Starvation, appetite suppressants, laxatives or vomiting to remove: Then you are not fasting please. The Federal centre for health education has listed support for people with an eating disorder.