When It Comes to Hair, NYFW Embraces Individuality

At a time when hair is the fastest-growing (albeit smallest) category in the prestige market, with sales up 21 percent in the second quarter according to The NPD Group, fashion is accepting the multitude of unique ways consumers want to sport their locks.

Some NYFW runway hairstyles are enduring — the slicked-back, wet look, for instance, tends to reemerge every year, and it did so this season at shows such as Tibi and Baja East. Despite its recurring presence, the purposefully wet look never quite translates as a style that consumers actually put into practice (at least on purpose). But two key themes — hair accessories and adornments and a continued embracement of natural hair textures — from the 2020 runways look promising in regard to where consumers attitudes towards hair as it relates to personal style are moving.

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