This Woman’s Hair Transformation Took Her From Dull, Dry Blue to Super-Silky Brown

I know a thing or two about color correction, considering I was desperately in need of one quite recently. But even though my colorist made a mind-blowing improvement to what started out as a horrendous color, I still had enough mind left to blow when I saw the incredible transformation Los Angeles-based colorist Rebecca Taylor achieved on blogger Michelle Dee this week.

Taylor is well-known for giving her clients vivid hair colors, but in this case, Dee was ready to part with the bright blue shade she's had for several months and try something in the more natural realm. That meant not only removing extensions, but also making sure the integrity of Dee's own hair wasn't compromised in the process — not always an easy thing to do. However, Taylor tells Allure that she managed to do the color-correction aspect of the transformation in just one six-hour session (16 hours over two days when you factor in the extension removal, according to her Instagram post).

"A normal corrective process with extension removal and corrective color like Michelle’s can happen over several sessions or, like I prefer, in one day — multiple hours if the hair can withstand the process," Taylor tells Allure. Part of the reason it was possible in this case, she says, is because of the kind of dye that was being removed, as well as the bonding formula used. The blue color being removed was a shade by Taylor's own brand, Trillion Tones, which she says is very easy to transition when desired. Furthermore, "I use Brazilian Bond Builder in all of my bleach and color formulas to ensure I maintain the hair’s integrity while lifting or depositing color during a corrective process like this."

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Taylor used a pink-toned shampoo mixed with Sexy Hair Detox Shampoo to neutralize and break up the blue pigments. She then lightened Dee's hair all over, leaving just a tiny bit untouched near her scalp so she could achieve a shadow root. Once they reached a pale blonde, Taylor did a color melt to achieve what she calls a "multi-tonal mushroom brown" — a shade she and Dee were thrilled with, but one that wasn't necessarily guaranteed.

"She sent me pictures of balayage references, where the root was darker and the ends were blonder. The tone was negotiable, whether it was warmer or cooler," Taylor says of Dee's goals. "I never promised her we would be able to achieve that in one session but explained that what we would do would be dictated by how her hair was able to be lifted with lightener. My only goal was that her hair would be healthy afterward — the color we achieved would be a secondary concern." Dee was also prepared for the possibility of losing a little length, and Taylor ended up cutting off about two inches that didn't feel as healthy as the rest of the hair, leaving her with an adorable, wavy lob.

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If you're looking to switch from a vivid shade to a more natural hair color, Taylor offers some wise advice: "First of all, make sure integrity is the primary concern not necessarily the target color. What’s the point of having a particular color if the hair looks like garbage?" But perhaps even more important is who you trust with the transition. "Make sure you see a professional that specializes in corrective color and expect to spend time and money in the salon because a service like this takes patience and knowledge."

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