The Biggest Mistake Blondes Make With Their Hair-Care Products

Anyone who's got blonde hair knows you need to And if you've had a major dye job like Kylie Jenner, Katy Perry, or Leighton Meester, it’s even more important to keep that looking extra bright. One major rule to keep in mind: You should only use styling products that are transparent or have zero traces of color.

“The colorants which are used to give the finished product its hue can sometimes build up and temporarily stain the hair, particularly if the products are colored very intensely,” cosmetic chemist Jim Hammer tells Allure. “For blondes, this discoloration will be more noticeable than for other, darker hair shades.” That means oils that have slight tints, such as yellow or bronze, can mess with your color.

“My advice would be to use oils that are developed specifically for natural or color-treated blonde hair,” says cosmetic chemist Rob Robinson of, who recommends testing products on a small lock of hair first.

“Instead of shampooing every time you wash your hair, skip that step in the shower every other time and just use conditioner that contains zinc pyrithione, like Dove DermaCare Scalp Soothing Moisture Conditioner,” explains Francesca Fusco, a dermatologist at Wexler Dermatology in New York City and consultant for Unilever, Dove's parent company. This ingredient, she adds, will help treat the scalp and lessen the stripping of hair color that comes with an additional cleansing or rinsing step.

In addition to using clear, colorless hair care, Hammer recommends selecting “products with a light purple or purple-blue shade, which can often complement blonde colors with a brightening effect.” The fan-favorite Clairol Professional Shimmer Lights collection does the job of counteracting brassiness while restoring shine.

Environmental damages from pollution and hard water can also play a role in changing the level of brightness and tone of your hair color. If hard water is an issue in your area, you should think about getting a showerhead filter to help preserve your color.

One last tip for blondes who love to swim: Always protect your hair before jumping into the pool because, well, chlorine. (Dun-dun-dunnn.) Hammer notes to apply a light coating of conditioner or sun-tanning oil to the hair, which creates a physical barrier that can help prevent unpleasant green discoloration.

All in all, there are countless sources of color degradation that you encounter on the daily, so using an effective hair regimen is vital to keep it in tip-top shape.

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