Watch This Trainer Deadlift 500 Pounds and Sprint a Mile in Under 5 Minutes

Earlier this year, former Olympic runner Nick Symmonds announced he would begin training for an ambitious—and very specific—fitness challenge by the end of 2021: Deadlift 500 pounds and then run a mile, all in under 5 minutes flat. The challenge has its roots in CrossFit boxes, where it’s sometimes casually referred to as a “5&5” and typically involves squatting or deadlifting 500 pounds and running a five-minute mile in the same day, let alone all at once.

If Symmonds reaches that goal, however, he won’t be the first, as he explained in one of his most recent YouTube videos. After doing some research, Symmonds discovered that another athlete, San Diego-based strength coach and OCR competitor Michael Miraglia, recently accomplished the feat and documented the event on his Instagram. (Earlier this year, CrossFit coach and athlete Adam Klink was the first person to document the feat.)

Miraglia, 29, who is also the owner of San Diego’s Hybrid Health and Wellness, says that—as far as he knows—he’s the first person ever to do both events immediately back to back, and with time to spare, no less. “First person in the world to ever lift 500 pounds and go directly into a mile under 5 min,” he wrote in the post’s caption. “I didn’t even think it was possible to do,” he said, adding that his splits were 65, 68, 81, and 76 seconds.

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“I had to limit the amount of time it took to set up for the deadlift since the clock starts before the hands touch the bar,” he told Men’s Health. “The actual lift couldn’t take longer than 5 seconds.” Even more impressive is that Miraglia finished the challenge in 4:49, 11 seconds under his goal time. Understandably, he feels confident it’s a record (even an unofficial one) that won’t easily be broken—even by an Olympian like Symmonds.

“I know a few people going after my feat,” he said. “Getting under 5 minutes is one thing, but trying to beat my time is another.” Still, that didn’t stop Miraglia from offering some helpful advice for those in training. “Plan for a 4:40 mile,” he says. “If you can do that, it gives you more time than needed for the deadlift. Also, train in track spikes. It makes the deadlift super awkward, but it’s necessary.”

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