Watch 2 Bodybuilders Try the Navy Seals Fitness Test Without Training

Bodybuilders MattDoesFitness and Mike Thurston have proven before that being absolutely shredded doesn’t necessarily mean you’re physically fit enough to pass some of the most rigorous assessments out there, having previously attempted the US Army Fitness Test and the Marine Corps Fitness Test. Both times, they struggled with the running portion of the challenge, claiming over and over that they are “not cardio people.”

Now they’re back to take on the Navy Seal Fitness Test, once again without any prior training or practice. (One commenter suggested they try the Russian Army Fitness Test, but Matt wasn’t in the mood for hand to hand combat or throwing live grenades.)

The US Navy Seal Fitness Test consists of:

Pushups are first, where a minimum score for a pass is 50 in a 2 minute timeframe (75 is considered a perfect score). Both guys get a passing grade: Mike with 57, Matt with 64.

After a 2 minute rest, they attack the situp section, which Mike had failed in both of their previous fitness test videos. 50 situps constitutes a pass, however the sstipulation here is that you can’t rest with your back to the ground, you have to rest in the upright position, which both agree makes it harder. Unfortunately, Mike fails once again at just 47, while Matt scrapes by with a pass of 51.

Next up are the pullups; there’s no time limit this time, they must each just do as many as they can. A pass is 10, with a perfect score being anything over 15. The required form for one rep includes fully extended arms when at the bottom, and the chin must reach above the bar when at the top. It’s raining while they attempt this part of the challenge, and they’ve forgotten chalk, but both guys get a perfect score.

Finally they reach the cardio portion, which is where they’ve struggled in previous challenges. For the run, a pass time is 10 and a half minutes, while a perfect score is 9 and a half minutes, however they both fail, completing the track in 10 minutes 50. And finally comes the 500 yard swim, where the ideal time would be 12 and a half minutes, however neither Matt nor Mike make it, on account of the fact that they mis-measured the distance and opted to swim outdoors in a freezing cold lake.

While they’ve both proven once again that they don’t have the cardio stamina it takes to join the military, they do promise to take on another fitness test in the future. Maybe they can try the Air Force’s new gender-neutral fitness test, or if they want to really push themselves, they can take on a challenge from the facility that trains players in the NFL.

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