Together sweat: Partner Workout by Fitness Influencerin MadFit

Short and crisp Livetime Workouts are the trademark of the canadian fitness YouTuberin MadFit are.

Your channel has over a million subscribers, is similar to a varied Fitness program, from Arm – or leg-Workouts on Cardio to Stretching.

With all the effort, the pleasure coming with Maddie, but never too short. It applies, for example, as the founder of the squires, fun-filled ‘One Song Workouts’, the hunt of the pulse within a few minutes to tidy up.

Most recently, she posted a 15-minute Partner Workout that challenges the whole body and in addition to all the coordination needed.

So the Exercises go

For the Workout you need dumbbells, in addition to training, it was only two short.

It is a circuit training, which consists of five Exercises. These are executed sequentially, each for 45 seconds, then 15 seconds of rest to follow. A total of three completed passes.

1. Plank with high fives

In this variation of the classic Plank you are opposite each other in the Plank Position: feet on floor, hands underneath the shoulders, body forms a straight line.

Now you slaps you with each of the diagonally opposite hands, and alternately. All the time remain stable in the Core, by feeding the navel and glutes tight.

2. Alternate Globet Squats

In the starting position your stands apart slightly more than shoulder-width, toes are turned slightly outward. Attacks with both hands, a dumbbell and place it at chest height.

One of you starts to go in the squat: hip push back, glutes tensing and as far as possible, lower it. Then, in a dynamic movement, re-establish.

As soon as the first Partner stands upright again, the next Partner of the Squat. So you jump up to the next Exercise.

3. Alternating deadlift with row

Here, too, your starts a little more than shoulder-width Stand with outward facing toes. The legs are slightly bent and the back is lowered in parallel at a 90-degree angle to the ground.

Attacks with each Hand a dumbbell. The arms are directly, bent next to the torso, so that the Weights are a little below the chest.

Again, one of the two of you with the exercise execution begins. As Estes the cross-running lifting by the dumbbells in a controlled direction of the floor to be drained.

The Weights are approximately at the level of the ankle are arrived, followed by the raising of the upper body by buttocks and thighs tense, tight and to the front are pressed. The back always remains straight.

Then the torso is lowered in a controlled and again, until the dumbbells are back at foot level. In a rowing motion – a force from the back, arms close to the torso over – lead the weight back to the starting position.

Again you are doing the Whole thing in exchange.

4. Alternating Hammer Curls with shoulder press

For this Exercise, two dumbbells in the starting position – shoulder Stand wide – locker next to the body. The palms of the hands facing inwards.

As before, one Partner starts. With the muscles in the upper arm, a Hammer is running the Curl, by the weight direction of the shoulders is lifted.

Once there, mobilized the power of the shoulders and the dumbbells down in a straight line up until the arms are almost stretched completely. The dumbbells to lower slowly again.

Here, too, you take turns again.

5. Sit Ups with Russian Twists

As the Last abdominal exercise is on the program. To sit down and at angles to the legs. A Partner puts his feet between the legs of the other, so that you can conveniently back together.

One of you holds a dumbbell with both hands and holds them at chest height in front of the body. A Sit is performed Up by the torso in a controlled lowered to the ground and solely from the force of the abdominal muscles will be done.

In the meantime, the other Partner performs a Russian Twist without weight. Here, the torso is lowered a piece, until it forms with the legs about a V.

Then you rotate the torso to the left and once to the right. The movement should come entirely from the force of the lateral abdominal muscles, the arms follow the movement only.

Intense Workout for every Fitness Level

With the Workout different body be trained in batches. Maddie combines Push and Pull movements, allowing the muscles from different angles and the Partner unit is particularly effective.

Even if the Exercises look challenging, they are suitable for every Fitness Level. Planks or Globet-Squats be Exercises as the optimal beginner.

In addition, the intensity of the Workouts can be varied on the basis of the weight. Prefer to lighter weights and concentrate on the Exercises clean, and to coordinate the exchange.

Laura Hindelang

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