So bring your internal clock back into the clock

When we are tired, we are actively feel or how focused we are, is no coincidence: The largely determined by our biorhythms, or the so-called internal clock. Here, various processes in the body run every day at about the same time. “The reason for this is that the brain specific messenger distributes materials,” says sleep researcher Dr. Hans-Günter back yet from the Board of the German society for sleep research and sleep medicine. He is also the author of the book “sleep does wonders”.

These messengers have a strong influence on when you sleep and Wake up when it is productive and when it is unfocused, or whether it has just energy for sports, or rather flabby feel. You can in addition, act on the metabolism and control the body temperature and the feeling of Hunger.

Messengers for a healthy sleep

For sleep two messengers play in front of all substances: adenosine and Melatonin. “Adenosine accumulates in the course of the day in the brain outside of the cells,” says sleep researcher. The more of these that exist, the more tired you will feel. The secretion of Melatonin, in turn, is strongly dependent on the light of day. If it is dark outside, pour the body increases Melatonin, which triggers sleep.

The distribution is, however, prone to failure and can be delayed by, for example, blue light that screens emit. “Melatonin and adenosine are two strong factors, the Sleep control is essential”, says Blind. This is true according to the sleep researchers, however, only for the body’s own Melatonin and not for Melatonin, for example, as a sleeping pill available in pharmacies. “The studies show no significant effect and cannot be recommended.” (Sleep doctor reveals: What really helps when going to Sleep)

Healthy biorhythms: sleep is not the same as sleep

Late in the evening is reduced due to the influence of the messengers, the body temperature substances. “That’s why you sleep in the evening, much better than, for example, after a night shift in the Morning, when the body’s core temperature rises again,” explains the expert. Anyway, is initiated in the second half of the night already the neurotransmitter Cortisol out. This is a Stress and waking hormone that activates the body falls deeper, more restful sleep under its influence that is difficult.

The first half of the night is, however, dominated usually from deep sleep. “Important processes take place in the body”, says Blind. The body is repaired, for example, in the first half of the night, damage to cells and forms new cells. Also the immune system in this Phase is particularly active. This messengers also play a role: In this Phase, the body releases such as the growth hormone Somatropin. Also testosterone, which contributes, among other things, for muscle building, is distributed in the first half of the night increased. (More on the topic of testosterone you can read here)

The circadian rhythm has an influence on diseases

These processes are disturbed in duration, the effects on the entire body. Many experts, for example, that this ailments and diseases such as metabolic disorders, diseases of the immune, mood swings and chronic inflammation are favored.

It is not always possible to live according to your own biorhythm: Who pays, for example, shift work, has a high level of risk that its internal clock device with the time from the clock. This shows, for example, through sleep disturbance. In addition, the sleep after the shift on day not as relaxing as in the night. (So bring your immune system in swing)

Mostly bad for the internal clock: weekends

But also by the behavior in everyday life can bring the inner clock from the clock. This is likely to be known by anyone who has to sleep on the weekend like a long time under the week but get up early. “A slight lack of sleep can activate, and for many people, slightly euphoric effect,” says Blind. “This is especially true if you only had a little so-called REM sleep. You sleep very much, but the opposite is the case.” Anyone who responds to this sensitive, is not, for example, voted good or has the feeling, to not even really awake, if he once in a very long sleep. (When night sweats is dangerous)

In addition, the internal clock unit is often from the clock, if you sleep at the weekend for a very long time: he Who slumbers on Sundays until noon, which should in most cases have problems to find early in the evening in the bedroom, and then on Monday morning, rested for work. “On top of that many people on Sunday evening, in bed, in my thoughts already at work on Monday”, says Blind. “If this tension builds up, it can also disrupt the sleep.” (More about healthy sleep, read here)

Bedroom ban for mobile phone & Co.

Everyone can contribute something, in order to keep his circadian rhythms to the beat, or to put it back in the clock. It is important to have a fixed sleep time and also on weekends at the usual time to get up. In the evening you should switch off also in time: at Least an hour before you go to bed, you should expose yourself to any blue light. Screens have then in the evening – and this also applies to the mobile phone.

It is crucial, moreover, also internally switched off. If you can in the evening, relax bad, more often help relaxation exercises. This act, however, is at its best when you install them regularly in his daily life. Since there are a lot of different procedures is likely everyone will find something Suitable for themselves – you might have to try some of the methods. A walk in the evening or writing in a journal can help to relax, to facilitate Sleep and the internal clock in the clock bring. Sports and heavy meals should be avoided late in the evening also – both of which are activated in different ways to the body and ensures that you will find then difficult to sleep. (Better sleep: avoid these foods)

The fatigue with coffee suppress

A little more difficult, it is in the case of shift workers, but also for you, there are some ways to let your internal clock does not derail. “Whoever departs in the morning from work to home, you should avoid bright light and physical activity and, for example, a pair of sunglasses to wear,” advises Blind. It also helps if the workplace is set up accordingly: “In some companies, it is now common that about two hours before the layer is dimmed at the end of the blue component in the light”, says Blind. This helps to promote Sleep after the shift, because the secretion of Melatonin is not suppressed.

In principle, also applies to anyone suffering from sleep problems: It brings in the long term, little to want to the fatigue with caffeine suppress. Those who drink late in the afternoon of strong coffee, the runs the risk to experience a more restless night because of the stimulating effect of caffeine can last for several hours. (Study shows: So many cups of coffee you should drink in a day)

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