Series marathon: Binge-Watching is detrimental to the health

If it is dark outside and uncomfortable, crawls to the streaming service of the trust simply on the Couch and look the latest season of a favorite series.

And since Netflix and co. have a wide range, is Binge-Watching, not-so-rare.

But beware: The series marathon is damaging to the health. Because of the long series watching has a negative effect on memory and sleep.

Binge Watcher remember bad

A study by the University of Melbourne has shown that Binge Watcher can in the long term, remind worse to the geguckten series.

Although the participants have watched the series “The Game” on the piece could give the content the next day better again, after 140 days, the reminder disappeared. In the case of subjects who have a week watching just one episode, it was after this time, the action of, on average, better present.

Moreover, it was shown that participants who have watched the series in one day, were able to enjoy the consequences less.

Effects on sleep

Binge-Watching has especially a negative effect on sleep. The results of a study by the techniker Krankenkasse are clear: Every second adult spends longer in the evening time in front of the TV, even though he actually wants to go to bed.

And the expresses the quality of sleep. Only half of the respondents claimed to sleep more than six hours per night. Anyone who looks for longer, sleeping less and worse.

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A study by the University of Michigan confirmed that the quality of sleep suffers due to the Binge Watching. Almost a third of the participants said series marathon-the Fans were to suffer from sleep disorders, and called for increased fatigue, and phases of insomnia as a symptoms of this.

The researchers attribute this to the cognitive effort shortly before bedtime go back, the a from off.

Especially the “Second Screen” keeps the body from Sleeping. Who moves next to the TV to his Smartphone, uses his brain in addition to under Stress. Because the Switch takes power that is actually needed for Regeneration.

A lack of sleep can lead to headaches, cardiovascular problems, and restlessness.

Also for the Psyche of Binge Watching is counterproductive. An American study has shown that Binge-Watching causes Stress and anxiety and even depression can promote.

Binge Watching: The duration is crucial

However, series fans can breathe a sigh of relief, because the TV itself doesn’t need to be harmful.

Anyone who fills up with enough restful sleep, and in everyday life enough to move, don’t have to forego an occasional series marathon.

Wiebke Arps, head of the study by the techniker Krankenkasse and expert for Corporate health management, says: “schampa, to spend the evening time in front of the TV.”

Instead of watching ten episodes at once, it is advisable, however, to beschränlen one to two episodes, so it’s also no longer something from his favorite series.

It is important, before going to bed even shut down properly – without a TV or Smartphone.

In order to improve the quality of sleep, help in addition to soothing evening rituals:

  • turn off the TV
  • no consumer electronics (Smartphone, Laptop) in bed
  • read a book
  • Music or an audiobook to listen to
  • Meditation and relaxation exercises
  • Drink tea


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Annika Big Krüger, Luisa High Brink

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