Middle Schoolers Protest After Their Principal Said They’d “Abuse the Privilege” of Free Tampons

If you needed further proof that the children are our future and that it’s looking brighter than a Fenty highlighter, please say hello to some badass seventh graders who staged a protest to get free tampons in their school’s bathroom. (And give a hat-tip to the president of NARAL Ilyse Hogue, who is friends with one of the kids’ parents and whose tweet about this has amassed over 33,000 Likes so far.)

First off, let’s just state that feminine-hygiene products are too damn expensive and that they should be way more accessible for everyone. So when a group of middle schoolers came together to ask their principal to put free tampons in the school bathrooms, they were understandably upset when he said they would “abuse the privilege.”

It’s unclear what he meant when he said the kids would “abuse the privilege,” but it begs the question if his only knowledge of tampons stems from watching Channing Tatum shove them up his nose in She’s the Man. And as one user asked, “Is he afraid girls are just gonna start having periods for fun?” Mostly, it sounds like this dude needs to crack open a textbook, do a Google search, or talk to anyone with with a period to figure out why people need tampons and why they should be readily available for anyone who uses them.

Well, after the students received that unacceptable response from the school official, they decided to bake a bunch of cookies that look like used tampons and hold a “cookie protest.” Behold:

My friend’s 7th grader goes to a school where the kids organized for free tampons in the bathroom. The male principle said no because they would “abuse the privilege.” The kids decided to stage a cookie protest. Behold the tampon cookies! pic.twitter.com/jz2KtbhOhS

It’s not clear what the reaction to the tampon cookies was or if the principal has changed his tune, but I’m fully in support of these kids taking over the world.

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