John Krasinski's Trainer Explains How He Got That Six-Pack

Our Men’s Health cover star John Krasinski’s fitness transformation, from The Office to Jack Ryan.

2005–13: The Office

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Very average guy. Hates working out. Runs and plays hoops. “The actual competition has always been the most fun,” says Krasinski.

2008: Leatherheads

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Plays a 1920s football player and starts strength training. “I work out in small increments: run 20 minutes and do pushups, dumbbells, and sit-ups.”

2015: Aloha

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“I couldn’t do one pull-up,” Krasinski says. Starts working with Hollywood trainer Jason Walsh to build serious foundational strength — heavy squats, rows, pulls,and presses — for his role as an Air Force pilot.

2016: 13 Hours

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Peak muscle. Krasinski combines more upper-body work with metabolic circuits and core finishers for his role as a Navy SEAL. “Getting stronger every day is thrilling.” He can bang out 20 pull-ups!

2018: Jack Ryan

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Krasinski leans down to play the CIA agent and trains with the London-based Simon Waterson. His goal now: to stay within three weeks of his best body. That means consistent training, three times per week. Alternate your workouts between a day of push-pull moves (think pull-ups, rows, and bench presses) and a leg day (deadlifts, squats, and lunges). Also work in detail exercises like bicep curls and skull crushers.

To track your strength,find your one-rep max for key moves like the bench and the deadlift, says Waterson. Then train heavy and hard enough that you can hit 80 percent of your one-rep max even when you’re not in best-body mode. You can also track your fitness with body-weight moves. “Aim to do a consistent number of pull-ups, dips, and push-ups,” says Waterson.

A version of this article appeared in the September 2018 issue of Men’s Health Magazine.

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