Jacqui Slack, triathlete: ‘Running fast is the best feeling in the world’

What have you been up to recently? I’m actually just on a flight from Salt Lake City to Maui. I’ve been in America for six weeks, training with my boyfriend. We’ve been training at high altitude in Park City and are preparing for the Xterra World Championships (1.5k swim, 30k MTB and 10k trail run) [Slack finished ninth in 3:05:52]. I’m very much looking forward to getting back to sea level and warmer climates … it’s been snowing in the mountains.
Where is your favourite place to run and why? I love the run in Noosa national park near the Sunshine Coast, Australia. You get a bit of everything, and even a few koala bears if you are lucky.
Do you remember your first ever race? Yep, it was a triathlon in Shropshire. I loved it! My mum and grandad came to support. This particular race had a split transition, so my mum and grandad would bring my running shoes once I had finished the bike leg. I ended up beating them back to the second transition and had to wait about five minutes until they arrived with my shoes. I still got third overall.
How old were you? I was 21 and came second in my age group and third overall.
What’s your greatest running achievement? I ran 17:25 for a 5k a few years ago – that was pretty special. I also ran a 1:24 half marathon on a super-hilly course.
When someone asks for a training tip, what do you tell them? Always to build into training gradually – I think it is far better to do less but be consistent. There is not much point in running every day for a week and nothing for the next three weeks. Try to enjoy it, relax and run on trails if possible … Oh, and get a good pair of running shoes – they will make you want to go and run.
Do you like a running gadget? If so, what’s your favourite? I like to run with my Garmin 210. It has a GPS and heart-rate data so I can send it to my coach when required.
Do you run to music? What do you listen to? I don’t tend to run to music all that often, but I would listen to Swedish House Mafia, will.i.am, LMFAO, stuff like that.
What’s your favourite post-race indulgence? Beefburger and chips.
What is the worst thing about running? Getting started when your body is tired from other training.

And the best? When you are running fast and effortlessly, it’s the best feeling in the world.
What do you eat on the morning of a race? Just something light, such as Weetabix or a yoghurt.
What’s the furthest distance you’ve ever run? I’ve run about 30k on training runs in the Lake District. I enjoy running in the fells, but would find it more challenging to run 30k on the road.
Do you ever run barefoot? Never … I love the feel of my On Cloudsurfers way too much to even consider barefoot running.
Mo Farah or Usain Bolt? Most definitely Mo Farah. I love the fact that at first he didn’t succeed, so he went away, worked hard and came back unbeatable.

Jacqui Slack is an On athlete and Dreams Come True ambassador.

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