How was your weekend running?

On Thursday I returned – somewhat reluctantly – from the 2:09 training camp in the Algarve. What a fantastic week: it’s amazing how many miles you can soak up when the atmosphere and surroundings lend themselves to it. Not, admittedly, 27 marathons in 27 days (hats off to Eddie Izzard) but still over 90 miles over the week. And with an, ahem, podium finish in the middle – second woman in the Falesia 5k.

So I feel quite full of beans (if heavy of legs) now. But I’m definitely not doing London Marathon. I’ve missed too many quality long runs and, fundamentally, just don’t really feel my head is in the right place. And if you go into a marathon thinking it might be bad – well that’s probably a self-fulfilling prophecy. Instead, I’m focussing on 5k, 10k and half marathons for a bit before signing up for an autumn marathon. Hopefully I can then go into that feeling speedier, more positive and mentally refreshed. In the meantime, I’m targeting a few spring 10ks.

So, what did your weekend hold? I saw some great runs yesterday on Strava from various races – a particularly large helping of kudos to Gill for a superb run in the North London half – so come and brag or sob below the line.

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