How was your weekend running?

Possibly the only thing better than a PB, is pacing someone else to one. Admittedly, I suspect the pros pacers probably get paid more than a small cut of a pot of chocolate buttons, but still – it’s extremely satisfying. So you can just call me the Jenny Meadows of junior parkrun.

In fact, I did the parkrun double this weekend – Fulham on Saturday (and whatever-the-opposite-of-kudos is to the utter prat who finished behind me but barged in front of me and four others in the finish funnel, aggressively grabbed a barcode from the marshal, and ‘upgraded’ his time significantly) and then junior parkrun in Wimbledon Park on Sunday. Which is where I paced my six year old to her latest PB – 10:52 for 2k.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that we are all failing to understand the fundamental motivation between PB chasing, which is, it seems, the desire to complete your set of Paw Patrol mini vehicles. I mean, who knows what massive chunks we could all knock off those times if we just had Chase to inspire us? One to ponder …

And on that note, over to you. If you too got a PB this weekend, were you rewarded with a toy pup superhero? If not, why not! Demand your rights, runners. And tell us about your weekend ups and downs.

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