How was your weekend running?

My week in the sun is starting to seem like a dream already – though I did time it nicely to coincide with the worst of the winter weather. This weekend was back very much to life as normal – track session Saturday, long run Sunday. Though I actually misread my coach’s schedule and realised only after slogging my way around 19 miles of Thames towpath that I was just supposed to do 5 easy on Saturday. Oops. Well, at least that excuses my leaden legs, right? It was one of those marathon training long runs where you seriously wonder how on earth you ever are going to go faster, for considerably longer. Yet somehow you do.

The towpaths were certainly full of runners – a combination of the January new year’s resolutioners and the marathon training runners – number of official London Marathon tops spotted in 19 miles: a whopping 14.

So, how was your weekend running? Who has clocked up a parkrun PB, or a sprightly 10k? Or are you also ramping up the mileage for a spring marathon? As always, share all your woes, aches, niggles and fears below the line – I’ve installed a virtual foam roller down there too.

And finally, just a note above the line where it may be more visible – do, if you want, join the Guardian running blog Strava group (now at a whopping 91 members!) and marvel at the mileage (some of you make me feel lazy) and the speed (ditto, only slow).

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