Here’s What 30 Days of 300 Pushups Did to This Guy\u2019s Body

Performing pushups every day for 30 days is a popular physical challenge among fitness influencers and YouTubers. In a recent video, Evan Zhang, aka lifestyle and fashion vlogger Your Average Gent, tried it out for himself in order to see just what kind of effect it would have on his body.

Zhang broke down the 300 daily reps into 10 sets of 30, or 15 sets of 20 depending on how fatigued he was, while also ensuring that each rep was performed with the proper technique, fully extending and locking his arms at the top end of the rep.

“I’m pretty pumped, but I’m pretty anxious,” he says. “I don’t know what to expect.”

The challenge was an adjustment at first, as his body had to adjust to the high volume of reps, although he says it was not as bad as he had anticipated. “For pushups, you can really spread it out throughout the day, 100 in the morning, 100 in the afternoon, and 100 at night,” he says.

At the start of the challenge, Zhang would max out at 45 pushups. 30 days and 9,000 pushups later, however, he is able to perform 60 consecutive reps before reaching failure. He also believes that he has been able to improve his form through all of this practice: “My arms are much straighter when I come up.”

At the end of the month, there is not a huge visible difference in Zhang’s; his weight stayed the same, and his chest grew slightly from 43.7 inches to 44.5 inches. Most importantly, though, Zhang reports feeling stronger.

“I probably got a little bit leaner, which is awesome,” he says. “It’s not so much about the before and after, it’s about the process and the journey. I’m always looking to improve myself, challenge myself, and see what I can put myself through… My bench press definitely improved after these 30 days, as the usual weight felt easier and I could do more reps with my usual weight.”

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