Healthy Christmas: 5 tips to come without extra pounds by the time of the Advent

'All the years wieder' the sweet temptations, which have in turn, many to the test.

Anywhere is baked, cooked, feasted and drunk, but a lot of the culinary delights that make the festive season really amusing, to beat calories moderately, unfortunately, to beech.

And quickly, it may happen that the calories Hiking on our hips and all of a sudden the dress for the upcoming new year’s eve Party much too tight.

But that can be easily avoided. Five tips on how you can enjoy the Advent season to the fullest – without gaining weight, and to expire on new year’s eve in a panic.

1. Sugar consumption not to stress

Who doesn’t love cinnamon stars, gingerbread, and homemade Vanilla? Refrain you do not necessarily need.

To treat instead of ready-made cookies and Christmas cakes from the supermarket, you can bake the Goodies yourself. Because you can control the used amount of sugar and not white refined sugar under the dough.

Perfect sugar alternative Apple pulp, Almond butter, dates, date syrup, baking cocoa, rice syrup or maple syrup (but not too much) are.

Recipe: Sugar-Free Apple Cookies

2. Healthier treats at the Christmas market

Caps, roasted almonds or a hearty hand – bread everything is pretty tasty, but pretty "heavy". Of course, the enjoyment is not too short, but maybe some healthier treats at the Christmas market are a little better strategy, to avoid countless extra calories.

Roasted Chestnuts are a healthy, festive Snack. The inner core of a chestnut containing in addition to starch and dietary fiber, many minerals, especially potassium and Vitamin C, B1 and B6.

100 grams of Chestnuts recorded 192 calories, are low in fat thanks to the fiber long enough.

In comparison: A bag of roasted almonds has almost 600 calories, because you are roasted in caramelized sugar.

3. Keep the Altagsbewegung

10,000 steps – this would be perfect! Lunch breaks, commuting to and from work or errands, the Christmas gifts, use your days to reach steps.

Little motivation: 10,000 steps to burn an average of 210 calories. The a glass of mulled wine would be converted already to the Christmas market.

4. Cook fresh, colorful, and natural

In addition to the hearty, heavy Christmas menus, it is recommended to cook for lunch or in the evening, fresh, light and natural.

Protein-rich dishes with complex carbohydrates and lots of vegetables promote fat metabolism, muscle definition and provide a lot of healthy vitamins and minerals.

Why should proteins be a daily companion? Vegetable and animal proteins to boost the metabolism rapidly and keep you much fuller for longer.

This is mainly due to the fact that the body has to spend a lot more energy, proteins into amino acids to split. We’re burning already in your digestive calories. Almost a quarter of the food energy of proteins comes to naught so without landing on our hips. Ideal, isn’t it?

Recipe: Warm Broccoli-Sweet Potato-Salad

5. Stay motivated and do sports

Do not keep the sport a routine, even if it is in the advent of stress-which is not easy. If 15 minutes of power yoga, short HIIT Workout or a 30-minute Run – won who starts the day, has been much and the cookies earned in the afternoon more than.

It remains his sports beat, you need to during the Christmas season, not to Worry, that the balance shows a sudden increase in weight.

Andra Schmidt

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