Fitness Star MadFit: 15 minute Workout for legs and buttocks

With the right Exercises Home can be Workouts be just as effective as the workouts in the gym.

The benefits of a Workout unit in the own four walls? It is flexible, can start immediately, as soon as the Motivation is there and saves both time and money.

Anyone choosing suitable Equipment in the Form of dumbbells, must make his Home Workouts no sacrificing effectiveness. In addition, you need a rule, just a non-slip Mat and a towel.

For all who want to work at home at your feel-good figure, in the compilation of Exercises but hard to do, has released the Fitness-Influencerin Maddie Lymburner on your Instagram channel for a crisp Workout.

More than a Million followers on Instagram and YouTube already support the demanding Workouts, and Fitness tips from the sporting blonde and also you can from your Videos benefit!

In 15 minutes to get to the bottom with 7 Exercises

Focused and with the necessary tension, the you this 15 minutes from home, guaranteed to break a sweat.

For execution you only need a pad like a yoga Mat and a dumbbell, whose weight is adjusted to your level of Training.

So geht's: Execute each of the seven Exercises for 50 seconds, ten seconds of rest to follow. After one pass you can allow yourself 30 seconds of rest before the second round starts.

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1. Sumo Squats

The first Exercise triggers directly to the gluteal muscles.

Start in the upright position, the feet are positioned slightly wider than hips, toes facing slightly outward. The bar you hold with both hands in front of chest.

Go to the Breathe in the deep squat. The back remains upright, the centre of the body is tense.

Pressures you out of this deep Squat as you Exhale back up to the starting position.

2. Curtsy Lunges

The Curtsy Lunges focus on a Region that is often neglected: the lateral thigh and gluteal muscles.

Since this movement (to the rear and at the same time to the side) is very unusual, it can be the beginning of a little shaky.

Start in the upright position and hold the barbell in front of your chest. Do a leg lunge to the rear.

Put your foot but not straight back but at an angle behind your leg. Return to the starting position by pressing with your vordernen leg back up to the top. To change the page.

3. Sumo Dead Lifts

This Exercise targets the Muscle fibers in your thighs, back and buttocks.

Start in the upright position, the feet are placed as in the case of the Sumo Squats wider than hips. The weight with drooping arms in front of your body. The palms of your hands to show you.

Your shoulder blades draw down and back, back sliding the pelvis and lower your torso. Your head is in extension of the spine.

To tell you controlled by sliding your hip to the front. Don’t forget to keep the tension in the upper body.

4. Squat Walk

In this Exercise, the dumbbell is optional. Put you or keep you in front of your chest.

Start in an upright, relaxed state. Go to the knees until you’re in the Squat Position. Two sideways steps lead from this Position – maintain a deep squat.

Address you briefly, and repeat the execution over to the other side. Important: make sure that your core is always tight, pull the belly button consistently.

5. Kneeling Hip Thrust

Come for this Exercise on the knees, set the Butt on the heels, and position the weight in front of the chest.

Range now your back, push your pelvis forward and raise you up. Return controlled to the starting position without your Butt this time to sell and repeat the movement.

Don’t forget to keep up: the voltage, both in the buttocks as well as in the Core.

6. Glute Bridge with Abductors-Twist

This Exercise is a bottom-guarantor – without the extra weight.

To put you on the back and place your legs slightly more than hip width apart only on the heels. Your arms are relaxed alongside your body on the floor.

Elevate your pelvis by pressing your Butt towards the ceiling and fixed anspannst. Open and close your thigh in this Position three times, without your hips sagging.

Lower your buttocks and repeat the move sequence.

7. Reverse Lunges

The last Exercise is guaranteed to be an all – rounder for the thigh and buttocks muscle soreness.

In the case of the Reverse Lunges, you in the hüftbreiten Stand. Do alternating lunges to the rear, the rear knee hovers just over the ground.

So the Exercise is more intense, the dumbbell into the game. These keep you always on the side on which you wegsetzt the leg to the rear.

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